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Wow! Maya

Wow! Maya

Wow! Maya

Who could keep their eyes off Maya’s outstanding, heavy tits and all the rest of her sweet, soft, voluptuous bod? She’s a girl who has it all. Perfect. Flawless. You couldn’t take a bad picture of this babe.

It’s possible that Maya Milano‘s breasts are still growing. “Any friction or rubbing against my bras or my blouses makes my nipples very hard,” said Maya. “My nipples are so sensitive. If someone brushes against me, my nipples are hard. So I don’t like crowded buses!”

Maya comes from a historic city known for tourism but the best sight is Maya and only at SCORELAND can this buxom beauty be fully explored. She has loosened up since her original photo shoots.

“I am a photographer also. I don’t photograph naked girls! I like to take pictures of nature, fashion, beautiful old buildings and things of this nature. So I learned a lot of technical details during my photo shoots with the SCORE people.”

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