House-Sitting Hussy

House-Sitting Hussy

House-Sitting Hussy

Teen cutie Cameron’s on house-sitting duty…

Cameron’s neighbor Jeff is out of town for a conference and he needs someone reliable to come water his plants and pick up the mail. He’d already met the sweet little flattie next door. She’d mentioned before that she regularly house sat for another one of their neighbors, so he figured she might not mind. Plus it would be an excuse to get to chat with her a bit more and even have her come over. He’d already whacked off to her a few times, thinking about her in those tight shorts and practically-see-through tops she’s always running around in. He’d give anything just to get a better look.

Were you happy he wanted you to house-sit?

“Totally! First off, I needed the money for some concert tickets so this came at a great time. And also, Jeff’s pretty hot. He’s kinda older but I like the salt-and-pepper look on guys. I’ve seen him check out my butt before, too.”

Do you think anything will happen once he gets back?

“I hope so! I’ve been diddling my pussy every day that I’ve come over. One time I did it in his bed after I found some of his porn collection. Another day I did it in his shower and came all over his fancy showerhead. I even did it in his backyard! I just get so horny thinking about him. I can’t wait til we finally have sex!”

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