Get to Know Kiley

Get to Know Kiley

Get to Know Kiley

Let’s get to know Kiley, the dark-haired teen with a hankering for thick dicks.

Kiley is fresh out of high school, which makes her happy.

“My high school experience was great because I met my best friend there. We’re really tight. We were on the color guard together. I also managed the football and basketball teams. But I’m happy I graduated and I can leave that behind. I’m ready for the next stage in my life.”

Kiley says that if the sports players who she managed in high school see her on this site, they’ll probably freak out.

“I would flirt with all of the guys I managed, but I only let a couple of them fuck me. I liked to tease them that if they won the game, I’d let them gangbang me. Of course, I never did. I fantasized about it, though.”

A tiny little package, Kiley stands 4’11” and weighs just 80 pounds. She came to us because she needs money for college and because doing porn has always intrigued her.

“I’m not a prude. If I can fuck thick dicks and get paid for it, why wouldn’t I?”

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