Knocked-up and Busting Out

Knocked-up and Busting Out

Knocked-up and Busting Out

Nathaly Cherie is a pretty Czech porn star who got into it in 2013. She’s seven-months pregnant in these photos, and getting seeded made her tits much bigger and her areolae wider and darker. Several photos were taken of her sexy naked body and sent to SCORE. Not long after that, Nathaly was spreading her pink hole and ass cheeks, the best kind of Czech guided tour.

“I am very horny all the time,” Nathaly said. “I was this way before I became pregnant. That is one of the reasons why I became a porn star. I have enjoyed all my sexual fantasies in my porn life. I like to play with myself when I am home alone.

“A man should always spend a lot of time licking me in different ways. I love to have my pussy licked. My favorite position is cowgirl, but I enjoy it all.

“I am also a romantic girl, so I like dates with romance and affection. A nice dinner and a walk after dinner. Flowers. I like my foreplay romantic and slow with an oral start. I like to have sex with girls, too, in porn and in private life. I love their softness. We will lick and kiss each other and use toys.”

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Poolside Princess

Poolside Princess

Poolside Princess

And now we come to a young lady who is truly a bikini buster, a beautiful girl with a body built for tiny swimsuits. A princess with a royal rack, the latest member of the “20 Club,” Princess Pumpkins. She must be from Tennessee because…you know the rest of that sentence.

“I’m a little bit of a dom when I do my cam stuff, so Princess kind of fits for worship, and Pumpkins because my boobs are about the size of pumpkins,” Princess said.

SCORELAND: How big are your boobs?

Princess: Thirty-two T, I believe. It’s hard with USA sizes.

SCORELAND: They don’t make T-cup bras, do they?

Princess: No, they do not.

SCORELAND: What’s the biggest bra size you’ve ever seen?

Princess: The biggest bra I own is from Europe, and it’s an 80-O.

SCORELAND: That’s 80 in centimeters?

Princess: Yes. I think that brings it around to like 32 inches. It’s supposed to be a full-coverage bra, but it stops halfway up my breasts. It’s my biggest bra and it’s comfortable.

SCORELAND: The last time you walked into Victoria’s Secret was…

Princess: Black Friday this past November, and I was asked if I was a triple-D or a G.

SCORELAND: Did you laugh?

Princess: I said, “Oh, no, I’m not. I’m a little bit bigger than that.”

SCORELAND: They don’t have bras that fit you in Victoria’s Secret, do they?

Princess: No, they don’t!

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