Saturday, February 13, 2016

» Michelle Thorne with big pink sex toy

By Angelina Castro at 9:16 AM

Have you ever seen Michelle get off with a toy by herself, it's pure pleasure. This big tits blonde knows how to pound her pussy with a sex toy until she is wreathing and moaning and finally comes to a huge orgasm.
Michelle Thorne in hot black stockings stuffing her bald pussy with big pink sex toy
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Friday, February 12, 2016

» Alyson Galen - The Hot Date

By Angelina Castro at 4:21 PM

The Hot Date

The Hot Date

Alyson Galen is having date night with Tarzan. It was planned as a TV and chill date but who can chill with this girl next to you? Her monumental mams, a pair of the biggest ever seen at XL Girls, should not take second place to some boring TV series.

Alyson came to XL Girls through the encouragement of her extra-generous boyfriend, an XL Girls fan, and he doesn't mind Alyson getting some stiffie from this living room stunt cock. They'll no doubt be watching this scene at home and getting it on as they watch or right after. What a great girlfriend.

Tarzan works over Alyson's huge, pliable hangers. She pulls them out of her top and buries his wood between them. Alyson could make the biggest dicks vanish. She pulls his face in and that disappears. She takes turns fucking him and swallowing his cock down her throat. Her reward for date night is a load of cum sprayed all over her massive mountains. So who needs TV?

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Alyson Galen - The Hot Date
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» Anastasia Lux - The Pool Party

By Angelina Castro at 4:18 PM

The Pool Party

Anastasia Lux is early and has to wait until swimming pool man Steve finishes his work before she can go for a dip. Steve eyes Anastasia's large balcony and her ripe, soft body and beautiful face. She asks him if she can sit and wait. That's fine with Steve. He wants to go for a dip also but not in the pool. This is every pool maintenance man's fantasy. Keep in mind that in the magical world of porn-sex, this always happens to the pool guy. So don't get into the business expecting this will happen. Not that it can't.

Anastasia wants to study how he maintains the pool so she can do it at home. Steve lets her handle the pool pole but Anastasia really wants to handle his pole and her gestures and eye contact let Steve know he's in for the greatest pool party a man could get.

"I like to watch my scenes," says sexy Anastasia, an all-natural, voluptuously-endowed superbabe. "It turns me on and I always like to keep a good memory of them plus I learn from them, too, to do it even better next time. I prefer to watch my scenes alone although I hear comments all the time from close friends and I also read the feedback that the members of SCORELAND post on the website comment boards."

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Anastasia Lux - The Pool Party
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

» Holly Wood - Holly Wood. Superstar.

By Angelina Castro at 4:22 PM

Holly Wood. Superstar.

Holly Wood knows she's got a hot ass, and she's confident you'll think the same thing when you see her. How confident? She named her personal website

This Hollywood native now resides at a little place called The Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Yeah, you may have heard about it. It's the legal brothel featured on TV where you can pay to spend the day with beautiful women like Hollywood.

If you don't want to rush into fucking Hollywood's tight, smooth pussy, she loves getting massages. Or maybe you could catch some sports on the tube. She's a big fan of the 49ers, the Lakers, and the Kings. She also enjoys going golfing, racing cars and swimming. "I like fun dates," she told us. "I prefer the ones that end up with me being naked and bent over furniture somewhere! My favorite positions are doggie style and missionary." And Holly Wood loves foreplay, too. "I like giving and receiving. Nothing makes me tremble and moan more than having my pussy licked!"

Nothing, Hollywood? "Well, actually, nothing makes me purr more than having my ass licked!" That's what we thought.

Hollywood was excited to have her big, hourglass body worshiped by one of our studs. She spent a long time getting ready for the scene, so it's nice to watch our stud spend a long time caressing and squeezing her magnificent body. He, of course, takes an extra long while massaging and kneading her big, beautiful ass.

"I've been tied up, bound, and blindfolded. I've been hand fed chocolate covered strawberries, then had hot wax dripped all over me. I've had ice cubes slowly tracing my nipples and inserted into my wet pussy seconds before being fucked. I've had wild and passionate encounters, but nothing compares to fucking your stud on-camera. It's been so exciting!"

We brought Hollywood into our studios to shoot this set for, and our coworkers over at SCOREland took one look at her 36DDD-cup tits and wondered why she doesn't also own They stole her away from us to shoot some content for them. Be sure to check out more of her SCORE exclusive content at

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Holly Wood - Holly Wood. Superstar.
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» Mia Sweetheart - Mia is a Sweetheart

By Angelina Castro at 4:20 PM

Mia is a Sweetheart

Mia is a Sweetheart

Meet Mia Sweetheart. She's truly a sweetheart. It may be a cliche but prepare to fall in love.

"I don't usually dress to show off my breasts," says Mia, speaking English in her sexy Romanian accent. "They pop out even if I don't want them to." Aside from the occasional nipple slip, Mia says she often wears tight T-shirts when she goes out. "I am used to getting a lot of attention about my chest, like most women, sometimes good attention, sometimes not so good. I always wear a bra. I like sexy bras but it is hard to find them in my size."

Mia likes to go on dates that are funny and relaxed, where she and her date can have a good time. "I really don't get pick-up lines from guys. They should just talk to me in a real way and be themselves."

"I love passionate kissing and I like to give head," says Mia, now an XL Girls sweetheart.

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Mia Sweetheart - Mia is a Sweetheart
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» Dolly Fox - Swimsuit Spectacular

By Angelina Castro at 4:18 PM

Swimsuit Spectacular

How could a sauna get any hotter than it already is? Simple. Just have Dolly Fox walk into it. The temperature will rise until the thermometer pops. Just watch her go.

What makes Dolly feel extra-sexy?

"High heels, tight dresses, make-up and fresh from the hairdresser, a manicure, a pedicure, deep cleavage and knowing that men will be looking at my photos, my videos and my webcam shows.

"If a guy can catch my attention somewhere, I will make him go crazy and let him know when he can make his move...the rest will be very hot...the hottest time he ever had in his life."

We believe it!

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Dolly Fox - Swimsuit Spectacular
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

» Allie Pearson - Licensed To Be Naked

By Angelina Castro at 4:20 PM

Licensed To Be Naked

Licensed To Be Naked

The XL Girls photo team took Allie Pearson to a place overlooking the water where she could have some fun and use her license to get naked. The scenic location pales next to her beautiful face and spectacular boobs and body.

Allie is casually dressed for a Florida day and still looks sexy. She would look sexy no matter what she wore. What does she wear when she wants to feel and look extra-sexy? "I attempt to wear heels for as long as I can and I'd wear very low-cut shirts," says Allie, who should always wear low-cut tanks and blouses. She was made for them.

What does Allie do at home in her free time?

"I'm a big movie buff. I like to watch funny movies. I like to sleep a lot. I'm a homebody most of the time, so this is really new to me, coming out of my element. Sleeping on my stomach is impossible. I sleep on my back. Sometimes on my side."

Writes Tom, XL Girls member, "I'm running out of accolades to describe how incredibly attractive Allie is. Those eyes and smile are so engaging you can't help but fall in love with her."

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Allie Pearson - Licensed To Be Naked
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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

» Charlie Cooper - Big Knockin' Jugs

By Angelina Castro at 4:20 PM

Big Knockin' Jugs

Big Knockin' Jugs

When Charlie Cooper came to XL Girls, she was working as a CNA, a certified nursing assistant and she told some funny stories about that.

"The old guys. They love me. The old farm men are the worst. And you know, I wear big scrubs and it never fits. One of my favorites--he was so sweet--but boy, he had the biggest crush on me. I would go into his room at night to check on him, and I would lean over and see his hand slowly coming up from under the covers. One day he caught me in the hallway and told me he needed help. I asked him with what, and he said he wanted me to come to his room later. He said he had plans for us, and it was going to start off with a sexy massage. I said, 'Carl, but you have a wife!' And he goes, 'And I'm going to give you the massage without your shirt on.' Then I told him I had to go."

And their wives?

"They don't care. Their wives could be standing outside and you could be in there dressing them, and they don't care. They have no shame. They'll drop their walker so you have to bend over to pick it up, and they'll try to grab at you. I had one old man who was so pervy. I was trying to dress him and put him back in his wheelchair. And he kept grabbing at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'I was just trying to help you hold them up.' I was like, 'It's okay, I got it covered!' Thanks, but no thanks! I gave them actual baths in shower stalls. I think that is their favorite time of day. I really do, because there are a bunch of cute, young girls working there. And they never want the men to sponge them down, that's for sure!"

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Charlie Cooper - Big Knockin' Jugs
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» Terry Nova - The Breast of Tits &Tugs 6

By Angelina Castro at 4:18 PM

The Breast of Tits &Tugs 6

Terry Nova is trying to learn English--she doesn't speak a lick of it--but she's shy and at a loss to repeat the instructor's phrase. He admits he's only trying to tutor her so he can get a look at her big natural boobs. Everybody wants to bang Terry's ta-tas. Reaching out to feel her soft breast-meat, he's not rebuffed by Terry who takes things into her own hands and teaches the teacher what she knows about Tits and Tugs. And that's a lot.

The silent type in any language except for the language of big-tit sex and milking dudes, Terry gets a-yanking her teacher's stiffening ruler with a quiet, methodical attention to detail that is found in many over-achievers seeking a PhD in tit-fucking. We only wish there were more students as qualified as Terry Nova.

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Terry Nova - The Breast of Tits &Tugs 6
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» Claire Dames - The Breast of Tits &Tugs 6

By Angelina Castro at 4:17 PM

The Breast of Tits &Tugs 6

Girls like Claire Dames would be insulted if you didn't spurt all over their tits and/or faces. So please. Don't offend her. Donate your man-juice. Claire found her calling in sex-tertainment and she's excelled at it. She began dancing in Reno, Nevada when she was 18 years old and got into big-tit porn when she was 25. Claire is a busty little minx and she knows what guys want to do to her. Like all Tits &Tugs, this is shot in you-the-man P.O.V. so we don't have to see any sickening man-face.

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Claire Dames - The Breast of Tits &Tugs 6
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Monday, February 08, 2016

» Tatiana Blair - Tatiana's Titillating Training

By Angelina Castro at 4:19 PM

Tatiana's Titillating Training

Tatiana's Titillating Training

She's cute and pretty and extremely sexy with the kind of boobs you'd be crazy over the second you saw them.

"Guys never talk to my face," explained Tatiana Blair (on DVD in More To Fuck and other titles). "They never look at my face. It's always about the boobs. All of the guys I've dated have been boob fanatics. Every last one of them. And even if they weren't, they were after we were together. Every single guy I've dated has told me that I've been their biggest. I like it when they pay lots of attention to my boobs. I love Pinching and biting and stuff like that. Fucking my tits? Everyone wants to do it to me. It's like giving kids new toys. They just want to play with them, and they're like, 'Oh my God, this is so fun!' It's like they're amazed and they can't get enough."

Tatiana is being instructed by a personal fitness trainer but her huge melons are not suited for jumping jacks so he has her try something easier. To help her do push-ups better, he gets under her chest so that her breasts can dangle in his face. Yeah, that's a big help! For him! The push-ups lead to nipple sucking and self-sucking, then to Tatiana giving him terrific deep throat sucking as her boobs hang and sway. Titty-fucking on her back is next on the training schedule. He spreads her legs wide and plunges into her tight pussy. The sectional mirrors provides more horny angles of the entire "training" session. Yeah, she was a great one.

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Tatiana Blair - Tatiana's Titillating Training
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» Jolie Rain - Redhead With A Rack

By Angelina Castro at 4:17 PM

Redhead With A Rack

Stacked ginger Jolie Rain with a bod to kill for is a walking wet dream in her sexy lingerie and heels. Built like a brick shithouse, Miss Rain is looking for some no-strings sex with a hard dick. Her fuck-buddy is up for the horny redhead and weapons expert. Jolie is anxious to practice with his tool using her own weapons of mass distraction. An Iraq veteran, Cajun country tomboy, video gamer and girl-next-door Jolie whoops ass repairing muscle cars, practicing mixed martial arts and playing bass guitar.

"I'm really bad in the bedroom," said Jolie. "I like pulling hair, and biting. Talking really, really dirty. I'm kind of a submissive. I've done bondage and have done it quite a bit. But I also like good, hard sex. It's so much fun. I don't typically do one-night stands, but there have been times where it's just been, 'Okay, I can't pass that up!'

"I can cum fast or slow. If I'm doing it for him, I'll take my time and do it easy. But if I've been watching porn all day, I'm like, 'Come here!' and be done in 30 seconds. I actually like to put his legs on his shoulders and pull his legs closer to me. It's like missionary, but the position is much better. The angle is amazing. I'm a pervert, like I said. I like to look at girls. I love natural breasts. I love just everything about big, beautiful breasts. I'd be really sad if I didn't. Girls are fine."

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Jolie Rain - Redhead With A Rack
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Sunday, February 07, 2016

» Tiggle Bitties - Tig's Titillatin' Tits

By Angelina Castro at 12:28 AM

Tig's Titillatin' Tits

"I am the best person to take to concerts," said Tiggle Bitties from Seattle, Washington. "I can fit a flask under each boob. I can sneak them in. Nobody's going to grope me before a concert."

There's a lot of things Tiggle can keep in her cleavage. Eyeglasses, cell phones, pens and more. She can store way more stuff than the girl with average boobs. And let's not forget the fresh fruit.

Tiggle gets her share of gropers, brushers, feelers and touchers. She's very tolerant, to a degree. We've known SCORE Girls who've used the ancient art of boob-fu on guys who got too handsy.

"I've been groped a lot. More by gay men than by straight men. With a lot of gay men, it's not even a thought. They'll go, 'Oh my god!' and grab them. It's like an impulse. 'Boobs! That's amazing!' I don't mind much. As long as people aren't gross, and gay guys aren't gross about it, and if you're celebrating my boobs and groping me, that's fantastic!"

Tiggle is the covergirl of May 2016 Voluptuous and her first SCORE pictorial is in the April 2016 edition.

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Tiggle Bitties - Tig's Titillatin' Tits
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Saturday, February 06, 2016

» Holly Wood - Wood Nymph

By Angelina Castro at 12:11 AM

Wood Nymph

Holly Wood is a good girl from California. Friendly. Bubbly. Breezy. Eager to please. She found her calling in Nevada at a place called the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a place where guys, and sometimes women, can relieve their stress, release their fantasies or just have good, old-fashioned fuckin'. The wild, wild west still exists.

SCORELAND: What's your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed?

Holly: A nice, wet blow job followed by mind-blowing sex.

SCORELAND: How important is cock size to you?

Holly: It really isn't important at all. What matters is how he uses what he's got!

SCORELAND: What size cock do you like?

Holly: Every size! I don't discriminate. And I can never get enough!

SCORELAND: Do you spit or swallow?

Holly: I'm a good girl...I swallow.

SCORELAND: Do you like to use toys at home? What kind do you own?

Holly: I love, love, love toys! I really like glass dildos. They change temperature, are easy to clean and just feel incredible. But the most reliable and undeniable toy is the Hitachi wand. It's never failed me!

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Holly Wood - Wood Nymph
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Friday, February 05, 2016

» Micky Bells - Breasts Beyond Belief

By Angelina Castro at 1:11 AM

Breasts Beyond Belief

Seeing the new look Micky Bells, Nick made a succinct comment: "Micky Bells is enough to make a bishop kick out a stained glass window!"

Stef83 wrote, "Micky is pregnant and she's more beautiful than ever. Congratulations, Micky, you will be one of the most beautiful mums in the world."

The opening salvo of Micky's photo set brings us pictures of her outside on a side street with her coat open at the top to expose unbelievable cleavage. She enters the building and the fun escalates. We have to wonder if Micky now has the biggest natural boobs in SCORELAND or does Roxi Red?

"I don`t want to come off as hyperbolic," writes Andrew about Micky's previous scene Seeing Is Believing! "But not only is this the best video Micky has ever done, but it`s possibly one of the best scenes that SCORE has ever shot. What a way to start off 2016!"

Andrew might like this one even more.

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Micky Bells - Breasts Beyond Belief
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Thursday, February 04, 2016

» Kianna Dior - Best of Big Tit Hooker 5

By Angelina Castro at 1:12 AM

Best of Big Tit Hooker 5

Mr. Lee Stone doesn't have any interest in marriage, dating or female friendships. Pure sex with dirty girls is his hobby. Girls who shouldn't be doing what they're doing. Cash and carry is the game plan. This way, there is no pretense, no lies or phoniness. Mr. Stone is chauffeur-driven to his business interests in a limo. If Mr. Stone spies a delectable specimen with extra-special sex appeal between the stops on his itinerary, he invites her into his rolling fuck chamber for a quickie.

That happens today with Kianna Dior, who is dressed to attract attention from five miles away. Her sleek legs, double-D tits, tight ass and sexy Asian face are almost too good to be true. She shoves her big tits into the open window, sticks out her pink tongue and Mr. Stone is hooked on the spot. He's in the driver's seat and has to ride Kianna until Asian pussy fever is out of his system. That may not be possible. Kianna is so hot the back seat gets scorched.

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Kianna Dior - Best of Big Tit Hooker 5
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» Daphne Rosen - Best of Big Tit Hooker 5

By Angelina Castro at 1:12 AM

Best of Big Tit Hooker 5

Would you stop and honk for big-boobed, big-assed Daphne Rosen if you saw her in this insane dress? This guy picks her up because he knows a good deal when he sees one. Although he doesn't know Daphne, a juicy blowjob in the front seat helps to get them acquainted. They could have fucked in the car like Kianna Dior did. But this Johnny-cum-hard needs room to maneuver his big cock inside Daphne's world-famous ass, her pink hole and between her giant tits.

They sneak over to his place, running in so the neighbors don't see. He's lucky his mother is out. The first room Daphne sucks him in is the laundry room. Then they head to the bedroom. Daphne's his busty anal whore for the afternoon and he aims to make the most of his time in her pussy and asshole. It's a good thing Daphne doesn't charge by the inch. Rubbing his meat-axe between her big fuckin' tits, she jerks him off with her sweet, soft hand until he explodes in her mouth.

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Daphne Rosen - Best of Big Tit Hooker 5
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» Marilyn Mayson - The Ultra-breast Music Fest

By Angelina Castro at 12:14 AM

The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The Ultra-breast Music Fest

The best compliment doe-eyed Marilyn Mayson ever got was from a guy who said that she's "the Beyonce of BBWs."

"I'm a pleaser," said Marilyn who's our DJ in this XL Girls scene, The Ultra-breast Music Fest. "I know what people want without them having to ask. Sex on a first date? Always. I just can't help myself. I'm super-submissive to what a guy wants."

Marilyn does web-cam and we found her because of that.

"There can be anywhere from 50 to 100 guys watching me. What I like to do is ask them to tell me--if they don't mind--when they're cumming and where. So I have a bunch of guys telling me, 'I just came on your tits.' 'I just came in your pussy.' 'I just came in your mouth.' And I'm like, 'yeah!' I kinda get off on that."

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Marilyn Mayson - The Ultra-breast Music Fest
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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

» Devon Daniels - Devon Daniels, Busty Legend

By Angelina Castro at 1:13 AM

 Devon Daniels, Busty Legend

Devon Daniels was working in an accounting office during the day and going to Florida Atlantic University in the evenings. It didn't occur to her that she was perfect for big-bust modeling. In 1988, Devon took the plunge, encouraged by her boyfriend who wrote about his girlfriend's spectacular body and boobs to SCORE's future publisher, John Fox. At the time, Mr. Fox was at the helm of Gent magazine. Devon only modeled on two photo trips, the first in Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas, July 1988 and the second in Florida in January, 1989. Yet even one photo set can make a supernaturally blessed girl a big bust legend. Devon never modeled for any other studio and had no interest in turning to modeling as a career, making what we have in the SCORE archives extremely rare. This is a galley of Devon photos selected from the pictorials she posed for.

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Devon Daniels - Devon Daniels, Busty Legend
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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

» Danni Lynne in Bite Me Lick Me

By Angelina Castro at 1:13 AM

First HardSCORE

Danni Lynne in her first HardSCORE scene is a hooter-heavy breastapalooza of bouncing boobs and big-tit sex. Danni believes her natural breasts are 36 triple-E. They look bigger than that. Her X-Man Mirko is speechless, dives right into Danni's cleavage and gets lost between her warm pillows. Danni works her way down to engulf his cock with them, then shows him what a Danni Lynne BJ and bangeroo is all about.

"I like a man to bite, lick and suck all over me," says Danni. "My favorite positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl [the first position Danni does in the video], upside-down and tea bagging. I love nipple play and getting oral until I arrive."

Danni loves boob games and has other hot zones. Her neck, her ears, her back. "I prefer foreplay but if you know exactly how to turn me on without foreplay, then go for it. Some guys don't know how to suck tits correctly. That whole soft-kissing, no tongue, no biting--I hate that. Get rough. Throw me around, tell me I'm yours."

Got that, SCORE Men?

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Danni Lynne - First HardSCORE
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Monday, February 01, 2016

» Daylene Rio in Busty Cock Worshipper

By Angelina Castro at 1:15 AM

Daylene is the ultimate cock worshipper and this horny busty latin milf has the complete package of huge tits, tight bald pussy and a big round ass!! You can't find a hotter babe with a more verocious appetite for cock than smoking hot Daylene Rio!!
Breastfest In Bed

The best part of waking up is Daylene Rio and her big cups.

Now that you're awake, Daylene comes into the bedroom with a tray of goodies for you. Once you've had your fill, Daylene wants some fun and your cock will provide her with that fun.

She will do everything to your cock: lick it, suck it, breast-hump it and fuck it and she won't forget to swirl her wet tongue around your cajones too. Daylene is the role-model for the expression we use at SCORE, "busty cock worshipper."

As Daylene has said, "My perfect day is waking up to great sex. I definitely like to be in control most of the time. I never wait for a guy to make the first move and I need to have sex whenever I'm horny. I'm horny a lot."

See More of Daylene Rio at SCORELAND.COM!

Daylene Rio - Breastfest In Bed
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

» Danni Lynne - Meet Danni

By Angelina Castro at 2:09 PM

Meet Danni

Danni Lynne is a referral by a photographer we know in Los Angeles, Danni's hometown. She's got 38EEE all-natural tits and she knows how to dress her Voluptuous brick house body to impress.

"I dress depending on the occasion," says Danni, who naturally attracts lots of attention. With a body like hers, it's difficult to hide those curves. "When I had to attend court for a speeding ticket, I wore a tits all-out dress. I didn't have to pay the ticket."

"My idea of a nice date is dinner, maybe going to an arcade like SpeedZone. Dates that aren't really planned but fun as hell to be on!"

"I do masturbate because sometimes I get so turned-on and no one is there to help, so yes, I will play with myself. I also like being tickled...which takes someone else to do."

So do something spontaneous with her and something different than dinner and movie. Danni's worth it.

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Danni Lynne - Meet Danni
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

» Roxi Red - The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang

By Angelina Castro at 2:09 PM

The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang

Your assignment is to give Roxi Red a full-body, nude rub-down. And more. "The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang" is the assignment of a lifetime. Shot in P.O.V., it's your hands on Roxi's curvy body and impossibly huge, all-natural breasts and your cock between them. It's your cock in her mouth and fucking her pussy. And your explosion of man-juice all over her huge tits, for which she thanks you.

Many rejoiced when Roxi returned. There are very few built like her, one of the biggest boobed girls ever at SCORE. Seth comments "She carries all that dream beauty in a seductive and mesmerizing way that allows any shoot or vid she produces to be an absolute must-see. Any clothes, any location and any style of shoot, Roxi radiates uber-curves and hotness of superior dreams and fantasies."

Roxi reminds us, "I always like to watch my videos and I always enjoy them. I'm been looking forward to seeing this one since we made it. I hope all the guys have a great time. I'd like to know what they think."

See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!

Roxi Red - The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang
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Friday, January 29, 2016

» Alexya - Yoga Bare

By Angelina Castro at 2:09 PM

Yoga Bare

Alexya shows us her moves at yoga, some martial arts and calisthenics, plus some moves not usually seen at your local fitness center. She has self-sucking skills, something that's not easy for many busty girls. Alexya says she doesn't work out, which is surprising considering what great shape she's in but she does go dancing a lot and rides horses.

Seeing Alexya for the first time compelled veteran SCORE reader T.R. to write for the first time ever. That says it all when no other girl, and there have been hundreds of busty babes, leads him to provide his first feedback after 24 years.

"As a reader of SCORE since 1992 and Voluptuous since 1994, I never felt the need to write in until you published the absolutely gorgeous F-cup Romanian super vixen known as Alexya. This 26-year-old, stunningly beautiful natural is a tit man's dream come true. She is easily one of the 10 best all-time naturals to ever appear in SCORE and Voluptuous. Her face, tits and overall body rival any model. She defines the pretty and slim-and-naturally-stacked ideal that every tit-man dreams of. Quite simply, Alexya rules the all-stacked, all-natural universe. She is a legend in the making."

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Alexya - Yoga Bare
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

» Allie Pearson - First Tits &Tugs

By Angelina Castro at 10:27 PM

First Tits &Tugs

First Tits &Tugs

It's time for Allie Pearson's first Tits &Tugs with something very hot and horny added to the big show: Allie's first on-camera blow job. It's a Tits, Tugs &Tongue special. She's so perky, bubbly and bouncy!

"When my friend told me about XL Girls and SCORE was the first time I learned that there were magazines and websites about girls with big boobs," said Allie. "I've always known there was a fetish for big boobs, but I never thought that it would be something so professional and glamorous and comforting. I love it here."

Allie can't help but be the center of attention when she leaves her house. We asked her about some funny breast-related things that have happened to her.

"My friend has come up to me a few times and played the drums on my boobs. It's hilarious. She'll just come up to me and do it in public. Usually after a few drinks. That's not funny at all."

We were very impressed with everything Allie did in this scene. Many porn guys jack themselves when it's cum time but Allie kept a handle on things until she made him cum all over her beautiful breasts.

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Allie Pearson - First Tits &Tugs
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» Sandra Star - The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy

By Angelina Castro at 10:25 PM

The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy

"The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy" or how I got to screw Sandra Star while screwing in a light bulb. Dellon may be Mr. Electrician but it's Sandra who sets off the sparks and has the power. Called over to Sandra's place to fix a lamp, this electrician gets shocked by the sight of beautiful, busty Sandra and her jaw-dropping figure.

Work done, Mr. Electrician gets called over by Sandra and invited to share couch space with her. She drops her dress and shows him what she's got, almost shorting out his circuitry. He's more jolted than if he had stuck his screwdriver in a live outlet. More sparks fly when Sandra invites him to fuck her right there on the couch.

After playing with her big tits and getting the pleasure of a Sandra Star sucking, he licks her out and gets pussy-drunk on her snatch juices. He's on the company clock but Sandra's got his cock as hard as a rock. She wants the big boy now. It paid off to go to trade school instead of a liberal arts college.

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Sandra Star - The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy
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» Daphne Rosen - Daphne's Ass Needs Attention

By Angelina Castro at 4:23 PM

Daphne's Ass Needs Attention

Welcome back, Daphne. Tell us how you got stretched wide by this huge cock.
"You know what? I loved fucking for this shoot. It felt really good. When I saw Dred's cock I knew it was going to fill me right up and I was right. He came out to the balcony, took my clothes off, bent me over and drilled me right there. I was excited because I saw that there were people on the other balconies watching him spread my ass wide to take more of his cock."

You'll love watching Daphne's pale tail get pummeled by this big, black cock.

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Daphne Rosen - Daphne's Ass Needs Attention
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

» Roxee Robinson - Here's To You, Roxee Robinson

By Angelina Castro at 10:26 PM

Here's To You, Roxee Robinson

Here's To You, Roxee Robinson

To say that Roxee Robinson is built like a brick house is a major understatement. And if this is how Roxee normally cleans her windows, we'd love to call her "neighbor."

XLGirls: Roxee, what is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Roxee: Sushi.

XLGirls: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Roxee: I wish I had the power to send peace, love and happiness all over the world. There is way too much anger and hate in the world today.

XLGirls: What celebrity would you trade lives with?

Roxee: I am happy being me.

XLGirls: What fictional character reminds you most of yourself?

Roxee: Jessica Rabbit. That character has some killer curves and big boobs.

XLGirls: Do you think you'll ever do a boy-girl scene for The SCORE Group?

Roxee: I might. It's something I'm considering. I would definitely do a girl-girl scene, for sure.

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Roxee Robinson - Here's To You, Roxee Robinson
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» Anastasia Lux - Hot Pink

By Angelina Castro at 10:25 PM

Hot Pink

A nameless fan writes about Anastasia Lux, "Anastasia, you are stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy!! You have the most perfect nipples and areolas I've ever seen! I love it when you lick and suck on those amazing nipples. I want to see much more of you on SCORELAND. You are, quite simply, one of the best and most beautiful models ever!"

Says lovely, sexy Anastasia, "I'm a very driven person so I can self-motivate myself to achieve more. Bigger is better. I was blessed with being naturally curvaceous with a nice silhouette that emphasizes my femininity. When I want to feel sexy I put on a short dress, a low-cut top that shows my cleavage or my silk pajamas and take some selfies in the mirror to show everybody on social media."

The hot pink, low-cut outfit Anastasia wears in this scene comes off quickly so we can invest some quality time enjoying her fantastic, voluptuously-built body and big natural tits capped by wide, dark areolae. Incredible tits!

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Anastasia Lux - Hot Pink
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Monday, January 25, 2016

» Leanne Crow - Tits 'N' Tub

By Angelina Castro at 3:49 PM

Tits 'N' Tub

Tits 'N' Tub

In this "reverse" pictorial similar to one of Natalie Fiore in Holiday '10 and January '11 SCORE, Leanne Crow luxuriates in a tub, then dresses before heading out the door. The British head-turner explained her background in boobs. "I was a very late bloomer. I didn't develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight. It was crazy because I was flat chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat chested and they all had boobs. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn't go swimming because it would be like I had boobs and then in a swimsuit, I didn't." Nature waved her magic wand and blessed Leanne. "I always wanted to have big boobs. I used to literally pray every night for them. I would pray over and over that I would get boobs. I am not even kidding. I was desperate for them. I was this flat chested geek. It was crazy. If you saw a picture of me then and one of me now, you wouldn't believe it. I was a stick. I was literally flat as an ironing board. I used to tell my mom all the time that if I didn't have boobs by the time that prom came around, that I was not going. I mean, I always envisioned myself in a long dress with cleavage at my prom. Then, a few months before my prom, I went from nothing to a C-cup. They just sprung out and all of a sudden, I had boobs. They grew almost instantly from a C-cup. They just kept growing and growing and growing. And then I went to get measured and they were like, 'You are an F-cup.' And I was in shock. I was buying C-cup bras and I was an F-cup! I was busting out of my bras, but I thought I was, like, a D-cup. But it was because at that point, I didn't understand cup sizes. I was only around 17 at the time." We love a happy ending at SCORE. Her dreams came true and so did ours.

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Leanne Crow - Tits 'N' Tub
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» Jazmine - Tight Fit

By Angelina Castro at 3:45 PM

Tight Fit

Jazmine, a slim yet busty natural, rides Johnny's fuckin' bronco in "Tight Fit" and she has a good time doing it. She likes being taken from behind and riding cowgirl style.

"I try to have sex every day," says Jazmine. With her looks and body, she has no problem attracting horndogs, especially in south Florida. "I have a tickle fetish and I like it when a guy has a foot fetish and enjoys my feet. When I wear heels that show off my feet, or I'm barefoot, I can tell by looking at a guy's eyes if he has a foot fetish."

"Before a guy fucks me, I like to get head and get fingered first. Sometimes I'm cool with a guy fingering my ass. It depends. I don't really have any interest in masturbation but I did try something different: playing with myself while I sat on a washing machine that was turned-on. The vibrations were incredible."

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Jazmine - Tight Fit
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