Tuesday, July 07, 2015

» Angelina Castro | Huge Tits Cuban

By Angelina Castro at 1:46 PM

Huge tits cuban Angelina Castro is killing the cock at Scoreland this week, watch her thick pussy lips get slammed big time in this hardcore booty banging special.
Miami Mami

It's been awhile since Angelina Castro visited SCORE. One of Miami's best known porn stars and a social activist, Angelina's starred in SCOREtv: Uncut and Uncensored and Big Tit A-List 2. Angelina has appeared on such Spanish-language TV shows as Christina, La Cosa Nostra and many more. Her latest is SOS (Sex or Sexy). She co-hosts this sex-related show with a local gynecologist and a relationship expert on Mira TV. Born in Havana, Cuba, Angelina moved to the Dominican Republic when she was ten and came to the US two years later. Growing up in Miami, she wanted to become a chiropractor but after college, Angelina tried porn and found it was what she really wanted to do.

In this scene, Angelina is getting ready to appear on a show and is finishing her makeup when production assistant Rocky spills some water on her big tits five minutes before the cameras roll. Angelina freaks so there's only one thing Rocky can do to make amends and calm her down. Sex her up and sex her down right there in the dressing room. After fucking the hell out of Rocky, Angelina jerks and sucks the man-juice out of him, swallowing every drop. The production people in the studio will have to wait. All the screaming they hear clues them in anyway about what the delay is. That's show biz, folks.

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Angelina Castro - Miami Mami
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Sunday, July 05, 2015

» Cat Bangles - Catwoman Returns

By Angelina Castro at 1:54 AM

Today we have the beautiful Cat Bangles at Sccoreland, she is hot, sexy and damn she has some huge ass round tits. If Cat Bangles was your date, you might have to wait a little longer in the living room while she dresses. This pictorial and its companion video will explain why. And just because she's taken a spank break or two while she decides what to wear does not mean she won't be horny again in a little while. That's a strange-looking piece of underwear Cat puts on. It's an open-crotch novelty panty that resembles a hair band. Her pussy is ready for anything with that on or it can be slipped right off in one quick motion. Who'd ever guess what kind of panties she's wearing under her dress? Now that Cat has put on a low-cut dress that shows lot of boobage and makes her look like a Grecian goddess, you'll be the envy of every dude who sees you two. If you ever manage to leave the house. You might get sidetracked. We do our best here to treat Cat like a queen and give her several kings to play with. She took to the action like a cat takes to...well, you know where that was going. "I like to have fun!" Cat says. "I think if you're doing anything in life, you should do it with a smile. Especially if you're having sex! Enjoy it. I always do. I wouldn't have sex on-camera if I didn't think I'd enjoy it, and I did. I think I was definitely born for porn. It just took me a while to get around to it."
Catwoman Returns

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Cat Bangles - Catwoman Returns
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Saturday, July 04, 2015

» Sha Rizel | Beautiful Supermodel

By Vicky Vette at 3:26 PM

Sha Rizel is so damn sexy and beautiful, even if she didn't have huge natural tits this babe would be a total stunner from head to toe. She has the body of a big-boobed beauty queen and the face of a high-fashion model. Sha is very expressive and happy in this pictorial and beams a bright smile in nearly every photo. "Sha is such a beautiful woman that I can't help admiring every aspect of her. It's nice that she is aware of her beauty and proud to share it with all of us. It will be fun to watch her take her place among all the supermodels who preceded her."-Gtgerman. "I'm very happy with myself and my breasts. I'm comfortable with them and I'm happy that God gave them to me so I can be a model," Sha said in one of her chats. "Everything I am, is from my mother."
Sha Zam!

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Sha Rizel - Sha Zam!
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Friday, July 03, 2015

» Sandra Milka | Sex-Bomb From Spain

By Angelina Castro at 3:25 PM

Sandra Milka's reputation precedes her. She's been eagerly awaited. She's also eagerly awaited by Richy who gets to play with Sandra's big tits and fuck her tight pussy. "I like it when a man sucks my nipples and spends time making love to my tetas before he fucks me," Sandra says. "I love my boobs and I like when they are treated well by men." Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, raised in Spain, Sandra's tits began to sprout when she was 16. Sandra got into Spanish porn in 2010, left after one year and just returned in 2015 to do porn scenes all over Europe. "I live my dreams now," says Sandra, who has some very horny dreams. Richy is helping Sandra live out her dreams in this scene. He is the recipient of Sandra's special cock sucking talents. No dry headsucker, Sandra lubes up his dick so it can slide more easily between her big boobs and get deep inside her pink-hole. Although she seems eager to be dominated by men, Sandra says she is also a professional dominatrix and enjoys it. "I fulfilled all my fantasies," Sandra (December '15 SCORE) tells us.
Sex-Bomb From Spain

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Sandra Milka - Sex-Bomb From Spain
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Thursday, July 02, 2015

» Kate Marie | The Stacked Student

By Angelina Castro at 9:37 AM

Now this sexy amateur student has some super stacked hot natural tits and she is as cuddly as they come, check out Miss Kate Marie this week at Scoreland. Kate Marie says she was a little nervous in her first SCORE shoots but you'd have never guessed it. She's a natural at it. Another great New Discovery! Kate's been modeling for a few years so we could kick ourselves upside the head for not spotting her earlier. "I don't find many clothes that fit my chest," says Kate. She's 5'4" and her bra size is 36H. "Their sheer size is by itself an attention-getter. Wearing tank tops when I go out have almost caused accidents in public. I get a lot of attention because of being so stacked and yes, sometimes the school clothes grab a lot of attention also. It's okay as long as folks eventually look up and talk to me and not my breasts." Kate's fantasies involve voyeurism and others watching her. She cums best by "fingers, whether mine or someone else's." Her kinkiest experience so far was at a "Bondage club by invitation only in Chicago. While there, I tried many different role-playing games. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of fun and excitement." We hope SCORELAND also does the same for Kate! Damn nice big boobs Kate and all the members are falling in lust with you already!!
The Stacked Student

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Kate Marie - The Stacked Student
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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

» Barbara Angel | Wartime Big Tits

By Angelina Castro at 9:33 AM

Huge tits Russian General Barbara Angel is looking for a few good men when she sees Private Thomas Lee cleaning his rifle barrel. It's time to see just how good he is. His rifle is dirty so he's got to drop and give her ten. She finds vodka in his duffel bag. Another infraction. That's punishable by imprisonment. The Private begs her for forgiveness. Since the General is an angel of mercy, she relents and shoves his head between her massive tits. The General likes that. She also likes a hard tongue and a hard cock in her mouth and her pussy. Since she's a sexy brunette with a truly voluptuous figure, Private Lee has no problem with fucking his way out of the stockade. He's a little nervous at first but the General orders him to suck her nipples. That always gets her peaks erect enough to give a guy a black eye. He can't disobey a direct order. No one else is in the barracks so they can go at it hard and loud. If the General and the Private can't fight, they might as well fuck! The moral of the story is always try to get a female commanding officer in your platoon. "Every time I have a scene, I try to figure out what to do to make it better than before," says Barbara. "I remember every one I make and how excited I am and I want the guys who look at my videos to enjoy me." We'd love to serve under this General. And on top and sideways, her huge knockers swinging and bouncing. This is knockdown hardcore tit sex and this soldier loves wartime for one thing and one thing only, the general's huge ass natural tits.
Battle of the Sexes

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Barbara Angel - Battle of the Sexes
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

» Alyssa Lynn | Her Bedroom Camera

By Angelina Castro at 3:33 PM

This hot mama has some serious big round tits and she loves using her bedroom camera to catch all the great poses she does when naked. Alyssa Lynn (SCORE Xtra 15 on DVD) returns to SCORE with a new look. She's changed from blonde to redhead and she now has a tattoo sleeve on her left forearm. Otherwise, Alyssa's just as hot-looking as ever and her bod's in her usual great shape. Going through the bedroom closet, Alyssa picks out several sexy and tight dresses, and checks herself out in the mirror with each change of outfit. After picking out a purple number, Alyssa faps away. There are two main differences between the video of the scene and this pictorial. The video is filmed voyeuristically, as if we are spying on her as Alyssa dresses and undresses, and she masturbates in bed. In the photo set, Alyssa acknowledges the camera in most of the pictures and she 'bates in a chair, eye-banging the camera. With her slim and stacked body, Alyssa could easily be a model in a dancer-wear catalog. It was a year ago that Alyssa debuted in an outdoor 4th of July bikini scene and a bedroom interview/ masturbation scene. Who can keep track of time with Alyssa's tits and pussy in your face?
Alyssa's Sexywear Show

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Alyssa Lynn - Alyssa's Sexywear Show
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Monday, June 29, 2015

» Kristy Klenot |Big Boobs Hotel

By Angelina Castro at 11:56 PM

Super nice natural boobs on this sexy brunette from Poland. She always shows guests a great time when they visit the Big Boobs Hotel! Great things come in small packages and the name of this adorable little package at Hooter Hotel is Kristy Klenot. You know her, you love her. Short, shapely and pretty, Kristy has a beautiful, sexy body and speaks in accented English with an erotic flavor. Why do chicks with European accents sound so sexy? Kristy is a hands-on type of girl. A girl who has a firm grip on things. Short, stacked and pretty, Kristy has a sexy body and she knows how to use it. Stroke by stroke, she has the situation well in hand. And between her big tits. Kristy can wring out the best in a man and she always does, drop by drop. She's a clever girl with a good grasp of any situation she's handling.
Hooter Hotel

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Kristy Klenot - Hooter Hotel
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

» Vanessa Y. | Big Tits Pretty Woman

By Angelina Castro at 11:54 PM

Fortunately the bed sheets in Vanessa Y.'s fantasy role-playing "Pretty Woman" scene are made of inflammable material because she is so hot, the bed could have caught fire. Need to bust some stress? Let super-sexy Vanessa Y. help you out. The stacked lady of the evening walks the cold boulevard looking for a kind gentleman to rescue her, a vision of sex in long, black streetwalker boots, a black miniskirt, a belly shirt that pushes her big tits up until her cleavage almost touches her chin and pink jeggings that are ripped open to show her thick-haired, thick-lipped pussy. You pick Vanessa up and drive away with her to a hotel. Vanessa wants to make life hard for you and she's never failed to make a man as stiff as a baseball bat as soon she exposes her great natural knockers and succulent snatch. When Vanessa opens her legs and spreads her pussy wide in different fuck-me positions, she goes for the gold. None of these weak spreads in which the pussy lips are barely apart. Her legs pop open like they're spring-loaded and she spreads her slit like the strippers at the Nudes-A-Poppin' show. When you and Vanessa get to the room, she sits on the edge of the bed and shows you what she's made of in every fuck-me and fuck-my-tits position she can think of. Vanessa doesn't do XXX fuck shows with porn studs. If she ever decides to try it, she'd be amazing at it.
Hooked On Vanessa Y.

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Vanessa Y. - Hooked On Vanessa Y.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

» Jordan Pryce | Huge Russian Tits

By Angelina Castro at 7:33 AM

Now this is what you call some big perfect tits and they belong to sexy ass blonde russian pornstar Jordan Pryce!! And if having huge tits isn't enough, Jordan is a self proclaimed lover of cum and she has to have lots of it to make her happy and satisfied. Born in Russia and living in England, Jordan Pryce loves dressing in pink, one of the two sexual colors, the other being red. We'd bet that her home is decorated in pink, like Hollywood legend Jayne Mansfield. Jordan's a pink fuck doll and even calls herself "JordanFuckDoll" on Twitter. Jordan's second SCORELAND XXX scene "Sex In The Pink" proves it again. Jordan is not all about big boobs although she comes close. "Big boobs are my fetish," says Jordan. "I love looking at them and playing with them. It's all about boobs for me. I am into girls, especially girls with big boobs. I like sucking on a big-boobed girl's nipples, and I will eat her pussy, too. I think big boobs are the most beautiful things in the world." Does Jordan 'bate in front of a mirror when there's no cock to fuck so she can see herself lick and rub her tits? It's a good question to ask her. Previously, Jordan said one of her sexual fantasies is to have a 250-man creampie. That was a new one, even for us.
Sex In The Pink

"My problem is, many times when I am with a man, they don't even fuck my pussy. I am very good at giving blow jobs, even with big cocks, and sometimes they cum in my mouth or on my boobs before they have had a chance to fuck my pussy, so it would be very exciting to have 250 men fuck my pussy and cum inside of me. I don't get a lot of cum in my pussy. You have never met a girl who loves cum as much as I do. I love when men look at my pictures and videos and tell me how they played with their cocks and shot their loads while looking at me. I love thinking about all that cum, and it's all because of me!"

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Jordan Pryce - Sex In The Pink
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Friday, June 26, 2015

» Desiree Vega | Super Great Tits

By Angelina Castro at 9:48 AM

Damn nice tits on the great looking chick at Scoreland today, she is sweet as hell but also you can tell she is very naughty down deep!!!"Guys were very into my butt," said newcomer Desiree Vega who is killin' us with that big-boobed, trim body. "They don't notice it anymore. They're pretty focused on my breasts at this point." In fact, we're fully aware and full of admiration for Desiree's butt too. There's a bunch of hands-off ass shots in this photo shoot plus a through-the-legs shot (19) that's a classic pose in big-bust modeling. The California blonde has a fantastic caboose. "I wear tight stretch pants but not shorts where my ass is hanging out. I wear fitted clothes." Is Desiree an exhibitionist? Does she get a thrill showing her birthday suit? "Maybe a little bit. I've been to a topless beach in Vegas. Topless spa. Indoors. It was in the Monte Carlo hotel. I don't mind taking my clothes off for cameras." Holding that wine bottle between her big tits without holding it with her hands (pics 29 &30) was very impressive. For someone basically new to full-nude modeling, Desiree has got it down. She's a natural at it."
Brick House

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Desiree Vega - Brick House
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

» Anastasia Lux | 32H Huge Tits

By Angelina Castro at 12:38 PM

Anastasia Lux wants a big cock so bad right now she can almost taste it. She being the modern slut she is, she calls up a friend and gets him to come over to her place to give her what she wants and needs. He ends up fucking her brains out just like she hoped and he ends up with one of the best fucks and sucks he has had in a damn long time. Maybe next time I'll try a guy and girl. My sexual fantasies are to have sex on a beach, on a rooftop at night and to be in a gangbang with lots of guys. I love anal play... but I've only done anal sex very few times so I'm still getting used to the idea. I need more practice!"
32H-Cup Bra-Buster's Hot Sex Date

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Anastasia Lux - 32H-Cup Bra-Buster's Hot Sex Date
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» Gisele | Big Tits Catwoman

By Angelina Castro at 8:53 AM

Busty Gisele the gorgeous big tits blonde looks wild and sexy playing the wicked catwoman before going to a local party. She always looks hot but tonight she goes over the top! With whip in hand she starts doing a slow striptease that would make any criminal ask for the handcuffs just to be close to her. One flash of her big firm tits and the crime spree is over, the crooks can't take there eyes off of her and that's when she gets you!
gisele is looking hot as hell with her big tits and the catwoman costume
Click here to see more of Gisele at her personal web site!

Gisele is catwoman tonight!
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

» Dominno | Hooter Hotel Boobs

By Angelina Castro at 8:23 AM

If you have ever traveled around eastern europe hopefully you had the joy of running into the Hooter Hotel. It's a very nice place to stay with one extra ammenity, all the female workers have huge tits and they walk around and work nude or partially nude. Today we have Katarina Hartlova and Dominno, two gorgeous babes with damn big natural tits going to the rooms and playing naughty on the bed sheets. They both get each other going with there fingers and toys until they drench the sheets in there hot wet pussy juices. To say they are impressive is an understatement!!
Dominno &Katarina

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Dominno - Dominno &Katarina
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

» Daylene Rio | Huge Tits At Sea

By Vicky Vette at 1:24 AM

Here is the newest update to Scoreland and it's a real gem of one. Daylene Rio is super hot and she has some of the biggest natural tits in the town!! It's the Miami nice show as Daylene Rio checks out the old houses built on stilts in Biscayne Bay, one of strangest sights in south Florida, or any coastal area for that matter. Hitomi also visited the area and posed there during her vacation in Miami. It was windy out there on the water, not the most ideal conditions for photographing a girl, but Daylene was eager to give it a whirl. Later, Daylene said it was the most unusual place she's ever modeled in. It's been close to a year since she went topless at Miami's Haulover Beach and gave the locals and tourists an eyeful of her jawbreaking tits and traffic-stopping booty. Speeding back to shore, our photographer kept snapping Daylene as she worked the pole. A sexy girl with huge boobs happy to show 'em, a fast boat... boy, do we love Miami!
A Day On The Water With Daylene

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Daylene Rio - A Day On The Water With Daylene
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

» Maya Milano | Huge Tits Dream Girl

By Angelina Castro at 3:40 PM

This update is all about hot huge tits and a damn sexy attitude. If Renaissance painter Botticelli was alive today, he'd have signed Maya Milano to an exclusive contract the second he saw her. Mama Mia! Beautiful Maya gets her big, big boobs out and leaves her big boots on. Dressed casually (and looking like she's dressed to ride on the back of a motorcycle in the country), Maya releases her major mams for playtime and sheds her panties to open her legs and finger her pretty pussy. The stacked brunette has gotten bolder in her second go-round of photo shoots, more comfortable and feeling more erotically minded. Maya was asked what she wants to try that she has never done before. She gave the number-one reply so many SCORE and Voluptuous Girls have given: skydiving. "It looks like great fun and excitement," explains Maya. She'd also like to try hooking up with another girl. Someone as busty as she is? Maya didn't say. She did say she has lesbian fantasies and oral sex is her sexual Kryptonite--she loves receiving it. Who wouldn't want to bury their tongue deep inside this hot babes tight shaved pussy!!
Dream Girl

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

» Katie Thornton | Boob Studies

By Sarah Nicola Randall at 11:17 PM

She's unbelievable. Highly-rated SCORE newcomer Katie Thornton has a few tit-tops she wanted to try on so the suggestion was put to her to try them on with our camera rolling. Possibly lovely Katie will wear them in future shoots. Or maybe not. The important thing is we all get to see how her big boobs look in and out of these hooter holsters. There are many things we'd like to know about this babelicious girl. Today we'll tackle some of the major questions, such as, "What does Katie Thornton look like putting on a tight bikini top?" and "What's her favorite bra of the bunch she's brought over the Big Pond to our studio?" There's also a scale and tape measure on the table. Purely for scientific purposes, of course. We certainly don't approach every girl we meet with these instruments. Just 90% of them.
Boob Studies

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» Katie Thornton | Party Girl Big Tits

By Angelina Castro at 3:15 PM

You won't believe how hot this girl is, she has a super set of huge natural tits and her ass is nothing short of a miracle. In this new pictorial, Katie luxuriates in her sexy baby doll nightie, warming up the bed and sending temperatures rising and compasses pointing true north. Her body is perfect for lingerie like this. She unwraps like a candy bar. Prepare for sugar shock. Opening up the SCORE mailbag, out poured a plethora of poetic praises for Katie Thornton, the covergirl of August 2015 SCORE. Here's a few samples of salutations, support and flattery for this new member of the British dream team. "Katie is a classic beauty in the same league as the mighty SaRenna Lee and Traci Topps. Promise us that you will bring this wonder woman to SCORE over and over again. Amazing!-Albino, Sweden. "You hit the jackpot with Katie Thornton. She will be a contender for Newcomer of the Year and will be hard to beat."-D.F. "Oh, Katie, Katie, Katie! Quite simply, you are one of the most beautiful girls ever to have graced the pages of SCORE. An absolutely gorgeous face, body and magnificent breasts to compare with any girl anywhere, I can only manage about three minutes before I explode with the thought of her beauty, but I'm working hard at it. SCORE can put the 2015 Newcomer of the Year award on hold now. Katie is the obvious winner, and you can put her name on the list for 2016 Model of the Year, too."-L.C.
Party Girl

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Katie Thornton - Party Girl
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Friday, June 19, 2015

» Angel Wicky and Tigerr Benson | Huge Tits

By Angelina Castro at 11:14 PM

The ultimate male sex fantasy. You're about to see it. Threesomes! One guy fucking two hot women. Almost every sex survey ever made lists male-female-female three-ways at the very top of the top ten. And with sex-kittens like Tigerr Benson and Angel Wicky--both very different yet also very similar--a threesome becomes the ultimate erotic fuck adventure. Angel Wicky has never met Tigerr Benson but they know who each other is. They have seen each other's horny scenes at SCORELAND. Sitting in a strip club with a stud, angelically-beautiful Angel is captivated by the sight of gorgeous and stacked Tigerr Benson pole dancing on stage. Angel's excitement builds to a fever pitch as her eyes take in the heavenly sight of strip-teasing Tigerr's busty body grinding and writhing. She takes a bill and goes over to Tigerr to tip her, then returns and asks if she can join her pole dancing. Tigerr is taken with Angel and welcomes her. Angel's date Novis is not about to sit around and merely watch. He comes over and soon finds himself stripped and tied to the dancer pole. Angel and Tigerr give new meaning to the term "pole dance" and take turns sucking his cock and balls. They release him so they can take turns fucking and sucking each other in one of the all-time hottest SCORE threesomes ever filmed. Putting these two busty beauties together and turning them loose on a guy was a genius idea.
The Tigerr, The Angel &The Stud

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

» Valory Irene | Valory's Florida Vacation

By Angelina Castro at 6:15 PM

These days Valory lives in Florida. To say it's a major change from life in Ukraine is a major understatement. Valory is also bustier now. She looks spectacular. Her body is more rockin' than ever. It was only 18 months ago that Valory was in the Dominican Republic for the DVD SCORE On Location. "In Ukraine, I thought that I would like to be a model but I did not think that it could be possible," Valory said. "I didn't dream a lot about this, but I had the thought in my mind. I remember my first reaction when I saw myself on SCORELAND. But I lived the moment. I experienced it in real life. I know all the details of all the shoots, all the details of the videos, so for me, it's not so interesting to see pictures or videos because all the memories are in my mind. Usually I don't have time to watch but sometimes when I am curious about certain videos, I go have a look." Has becoming a SCORE Girl changed Valory Irene sexually? "Maybe, but it's not just because of modeling. It's because I'm getting older and I have more experience. It's normal, but I remember even when I was a teenager, I always dressed sexy. Maybe it has changed something but not a lot. "Because of SCORE, I was able travel. I met Hitomi, Sha Rizel, Arianna, Sophie, Lana Ivans, Chica and girls from England and the Dominican Republic. Kristina Milan, too. They are all very busty and they are also very very nice." So what does Valory do for fun now that she's a Florida babe? "Sometimes I go into nightclubs, but I don't go very often," says Valory. "Maybe I'll go to the beach, get tanned and swim. I love the feel of the sun on my body."
Valory's Florida Vacation

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Valory Irene - Valory's Florida Vacation
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» Vee VonSweets | Big Tits Car Washer

By Vicky Vette at 2:30 PM

Vee VonSweets is a sexy new girl, very slim, stacked and attractive. She has some damn nice tits, they are big, they are firm, and they drive guys wild!! She originally responded to one of SCORE's modeling ads and, later on, we came across her again on the web--cam shows and Twitter. It took a while for Vee to decide about posing. Eventually all good things come to those who wait. This time, Vee washes a car in a sexy outfit not unlike what actress Joy Harmon wore in the Paul Newman movie Cool Hand Luke. Then Vee hits the showers to cool off while we heat up. What's Vee's idea of a fun date? "I like different kinds of dates, not just dinner and a movie, so anything different. I like cigars, so maybe a cigar lounge or an amusement park. Something that you can't do every day. I think he should plan the date if he's asking me out. I'm not old-fashioned. I don't think he even needs to open the car door for me. I have never had sex on the first date, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't. I'm open to it." It might not hurt to ask about pulling up a lawn chair and asking Vee to wash your car in the outfit she's wearing in this scene. She'll either do it or throw a bucket of soapy water at you. Or maybe it's something she'd do on the 4th date. It's worth taking the chance. Ya never know.
Big Boob Car Wash

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

» Melissa Mandlikova | Big Boobs Hotel

By Angelina Castro at 2:26 PM

In this tight economy, modeling doesn't always cover the bills and what not so Melissa Mandlikova will occasionally take a part-time job as a bellhop at The Big Boobs Hotell. The problem is, as soon as Melissa drags the guest's suitcase to his room, she can't help herself and starts taking off her uniform. It's automatic, like muscle memory. Then Melissa lays back on the guest's bed and starts rubbing her clit and spreading her lips open, telling the guest to examine her pussy. You just can't take the model out of the girl sometimes and the management does nothing to stop Melissa from putting on these bare-ass private shows. In fact, they like it because the guests go home and tell their friends. Something else that's hard to figure out is where Melissa keeps that toy. Her tiny uniform doesn't have any place to hide it. She can't hide it under her bellhop's cap. Melissa's mum. Well, every country has its hidden traditions. Just remember one thing. What happens at Hooter Hotel stays at Hooter Hotel. Hooter Hotel

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Monday, June 15, 2015

» Sofie Style in These tits are all me

By Angelina Castro at 8:33 PM

We've seen and enjoyed newcomer Sofie Style but knew little about her. After this photo shoot, Sofie sat down for a Q&A She's a charmer. SCORELAND: How much attention do you like a man to give your breasts? Sofie: It totally depends on my mood. It's always different. SCORELAND: Have you shown your SCORELAND photos and videos to any male friends? Sofie: I showed it to one male friend and he was shocked to see me like that. SCORELAND: Do you masturbate before you go to sleep? Sofie: Yes, mostly that is the time I do it. SCORELAND: Please rate your sex drive from 1 to 10. Sofie: A solid 7. SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on a free night? Sofie: Just chill. SCORELAND: What kind of exercises do you like to do? Sofie: I like swimming. SCORELAND: Do you belong to a fitness center? Sofie: Not anymore. I did it for some time and, of course, the guys tried to chat me up. But I was not interested. I was there to train. SCORELAND: Do you have any girlfriends with big boobs like yours? Sofie: No. Sorry, guys! I wish I could help you. SCORELAND: Do car seat belts fit you comfortably? Sofie: I never have any problems. SCORELAND: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public? Sofie: No, fortunately not. I'm sorry SCORELAND: Do you go to nude beaches or resorts? Sofie: Yes, I love that. I've gone for several years. SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear. Sofie: Just normal bikinis. SCORELAND: How much modeling do you plan to do in the future? Sofie: I will become a mom soon and will probably stop modeling. SCORELAND: Do you have a list of goals you want to accomplish in the next few years? Sofie: My main goal right now is to become a great mom. SCORELAND: Danke and good luck, Sofie!
Boobs With A Smile

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

» Shay Fox in Big Office Sex Tits

By Angelina Castro at 8:29 PM

Shay Fox is a former lap dancer at Spearmint Rhino. She got into XXX videos when she was 40 and has been fucking on-camera ever since Says Shay, "On-camera sex is no different from sex off-camera, but some people are really into voyeurism, and that little piece of somebody seeing me is very exciting and a bit more of a turn-on." Shay plays an office worker who spends more time spanking her pussy than working. This is why American companies are outsourcing labor these days although we know those girls answering the customer service phone lines in India are also spanking it. They ain't fooling us! When Tyler sees Shay, he gets a piece of her action too. It's a good way to break the ice with co-workers. This is a great company to work for. Hot women and you can bang them at the office instead of waiting all day for the shift to end. Tyler drops his jizz into Shay's pussy-hole when he cums and everyone's happy with a job well-done. "I started when I was 40, so I was in my sexual prime," said Shay. "Uninhibited. Still exploring, but I knew my body very well. I was single. I had no one to answer to. I'm not embarrassed. Sex is a very natural thing, and people put too much emphasis on the bad of sex, and it's not bad. I love it. "I knew when I started doing porn that I had an expiration date. Mentally. Physically, I could do it for another five, 10 years. Even when I'm not shooting, I have sex three times a week. I don't date much, but I definitely have friends with benefits." And in porn, Shay gets to be fucked by hung studs with proven track records. That can't be outsourced!
Hot Cream Injection For A Busty MILF

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

» Larissa Linn starring in Kitchen Wet Dreams

By Angelina Castro at 2:32 AM

Super nice big natural tits on this sexy girl from Scoreland today! This hot new comer is all about short dresses and really high heels, it makes her feel sexy from what she say's! Today Larissa is in the kitchen but guess what, she is not cooking up any food, she is just making things hotter than hell as she moves around the kitchen nude showing off her fantastic body. She is all about taking selfies of herself and any true big tit lover is going to want to stay in this kitchen with her. Larissa is a meat and potatoes hottie, she don't want no veggie burger, she likes something with a little muscle and a little fat on it. We bet Larissa Linn is going to rule this kitchen for quite some time.
Kitchen Wet Dreams

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Friday, June 12, 2015

» Amy Anderssen in Big Tits Bikini Sex

By Angelina Castro at 1:48 AM

Extreme string bikinis and monokinis were invented so Amy Anderssen and her rockin' body could put them on and drive tit-men insane. She might be the nastiest girl with huge monster tits you will ever have a chance to see do her thing, because this babe does it good and nasty. This scene is dedicated to Amy's mad sex skills and her bigger-than-life, smokin' hot body, her huge tits and bumper-booty. "I have a fetish for things that are exaggerated," says Amy, who hasn't found the bra, swimsuit top or tank yet that can tame her wild tits. That fetish includes the flesh-hammer too and in this scene, Amy gets to play nice and nasty with Rocky's salami hero at poolside. But first, Amy has to drive everyone crazy by trying on what looks like the inventory of a bikini shop. In the opener of the video scene, Amy is stretching out a SCORELAND tank and talks about the attention she gets at the beach and at pools, having sex outdoors and other horny topics. Then Amy tries on her suits at poolside before jumping on Rocky and enjoying drill-time on his pipe. Amy may be ultra-slim and mega-boobed but she's far from frail and delicate. She enjoys the pounding a guy can dish out. This series of pictures is one of the most jackable hardcore photo shoots since the camera was invented. Viva Amy Anderssen!
Bikini Sex

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Amy Anderssen - Bikini Sex
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

» Diamond Jackson in Big Black Prison Tits

By Angelina Castro at 12:31 PM

Damn you won't believe your eyes when you see this gorgeous black babe. She went into the prison to talk to the white chick she was working with and ended up having the white chick lick her pink pussy until she had a super huge orgasm. She knows white chicks lick pussy better than anyone so it was a job well done, now it's time for some big hard white cock that she loves so much. But for right now, it's going to be some more hot xxx white girl on black girl pink pussy.
diamond jackson has huge firm black tits  
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» Juliana Simms - Her Boobs Are A Wonderland

By Angelina Castro at 1:30 AM

There is nothing hotter than an all natural big boobs babe that has just the right amount of meat on her bones and Juliana Simms has it all. Longtime Voluptuous fan and prolific letter writer S.M. sends his thoughts about Juliana Simms: "Juliana Simms is already drawing comparisons to Joana, but I honestly think she is much better than Joana when Joana started. Of course, Joana has grown much sexier with age. I am certain that she is by far the best newcomer of 2015. Juliana is not only attractive, but she is exotic and has a shapely, well-proportioned figure." "On weekends, I like to go dancing," says Juliana about one of her passions. "I like close contact, traditional dancing and I like free-style. I can dance for hours. I enjoy watching dancing competitions on television." Imagine the bouncing that happens when Juliana hits the dance floor.
Her Boobs Are A Wonderland

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

» Cassie in She cums hard

By Angelina Castro at 11:42 PM

Cassie is all about doggie style and this big tits hottie is horny tonight. She is going to rock this guy's world like never before. Cassie promised her date Thomas she would blow him away and she's keeping her promise. Thomas waits for Cassie to come downstairs and when she does, he's treated to the sight of the Czech cutie in a tight two-piece denim outfit and high heels, her big tits uplifted almost to her chin. Those tits will be covered in cum later. Cassie is a chick who knows what guys like to see her wear. She's proud of her big tits and fleshy butt. "I usually wear sporty clothes," says Cassie, a swimmer. Their plans for a date are moved forward. There's some cum-time they want to have first before heading out. Heading over to Cassie's couch, Thomas heads straight for Cassie's cleavage, burying his face between her heavy tits and licking her pink, big-ass areolae. Cassie has pliable, soft tits you want to play with. Cassie's lips encircle Thomas's cock, her cheek bulging. She twirls her tongue around his shaft and makes the kind of pleasure sounds she usually makes when she's eating something sweet. After burying his shaft between her big boobs, Cassie sits on Thomas's face, her pussy right over his mouth. Thomas tongue-fucks her, licking and sucking her pussy-lips. Their tongue-hockey session makes them eager to fuck and Cassie wants to start in her favorite position, doggie. Later, they stand and fuck, a support beam helping Cassie keep her balance during this tricky move as Thomas drills her from behind."
Cassie Cums Cute

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

» Karina Hart in The Hooter Hotel

By Angelina Castro at 1:39 PM

There is not many women in this world as hot and sexy as Karina Hart. Talk about a perfect set of big tits and a super sexy personality. She works her ass off everyday doing photoshoots and interviews and her is just one small diary entry for her on a busy day. After a long flight, a long cab ride and finally getting checked into Hooter Hotel, it's nice to unwind and relax, call room service and expect to get a tasty dish sent to your room. The front desk clerk was a real looker. This town has a lot of promise. It's a lot nicer to get a tasty dish named Karina knocking on your door and wheeling in a tray. This hotel is really well-staffed. Hooter Hotel could be the only resort where the room service waitress eats your lunch and then spanks her pussy. The service in this hotel is going to get a five-star rating. Don't forget to thank your travel agent for the recommendation.
Hooter Hotel

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» Tessa Fowler is the busty dominatrix

By Angelina Castro at 3:53 AM

Tessa Fowler might be the hottest dominatrix of all time. One look at her beautiful tits will make being dominated a hell of a lot easier!

Hey guys! Are you ready to be dominated again? LOL...My huge natural boobs are back and bondaged and ready to spring free and bounce around right in your face, so I hope you are ready for some serious big booby action here today! Well it's time for some naughty Tessa time and she is ready for all to love her big sexy tits!!

Tessa Fowler is looking hot in her black dominatrix outfit especiall her huge real boobs

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