Friday, November 27, 2015

» Olivia Jackson - Big Black Tits Booty Superstar

By Angelina Castro at 11:40 PM

Olivia Jackson is back at Scoreland this week showing off her super big black tits and that wonderful big round black booty the members go nuts over. Olivia is what most guy's call a Tits And Ass Superstar!!
Tits &Ass Superstar

Olivia Jackson has a smokin' body, big boobs and a big booty. She's an eye-catcher whether she's walking toward you or walking away from you.

Olivia's career plans:

"I'm going for my bachelor's in accounting. I already have my associates degree. I love accounting. I have two and a half more years to go. I'm going part-time. I've never had an experience with a pervy teacher. And I've had boobs since I was in the first grade, and I've never had a teacher look at me in any way, not even in college."

Staying in shape:

"I run two miles, very slowly. It can be a little painful. It starts to hurt because my chest is so big. My breasts bounce and bounce and bounce. I put on a regular bra and two sports bras. It holds them in, but they still bounce like crazy when I run."

Everyday clothing:

"My boobs are huge, so they just stick out no matter what I wear, and my butt is big, so it does the same thing no matter what I put on. If I don't look like I'm dressing for the Amish, people assume I'm a stripper."

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Olivia Jackson - Tits &Ass Superstar
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

» Sheridan Love - Loves Porn Sex

By Angelina Castro at 11:36 PM

The life of a hot wife living in a swanky house: The husband's not home, and when he is, he's not taking care of his husbandly duties. When one of his acquaintances knocks on the door looking for him, Sheridan lets him in. She could use some strange cock, and he'll do what the husband won't do. Sheridan lets him have it with both boob barrels. She's on the prowl, but this one was delivered to her door. In her SCOREtv chat with host Dave (Season 2 Episode 3), Sheridan talks about her transition from solos and girl-girl scenes to boy-girl action.
Love &Sex

"I like cum on my tits. I think it's hot. I like to play with it," Sheridan says. She likes to watch her blow jobs. (So do we.) But she only watches a little bit of the fucking. "My actual favorite scene was my first, when JMac picked me up. That was awesome. That still blows my mind. I've never had that before. I loved it."

Sheridan's next-favorite moment? In her second scene with JMac, when she's placed in the piledriver position. Sheridan had never done that. And there's the difference between home sex and porn sex.

"Porn sex gets a little more-what's the word?-acrobatic. It's so much fun!" Sheridan says.

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Sheridan Love - Love &Sex
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

» Juliana Simms - Loves Nude Modeling

By Angelina Castro at 11:33 PM

We give thanks for Juliana Simms and all of the girls at SCORELAND who give so much of themselves. You might see 300 girls built like Juliana and maybe one of them will show her sweet stuff on-camera. Said Juliana, "When your model finder introduced himself and said I would be a great model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of. I like to try new things. Modeling is something I wanted to try."
Give Thanks For Juliana

One of our scouts was pleasantly surprised when he walked into a florist's shop where Juliana worked to buy some flowers and saw her. No self-respecting boob man could miss her. He asked Juliana if she had ever modeled and explained what The SCORE Group was all about. Juliana was interested. Our scout took some pics (see for the kind of test shots we require) and sent them our way. We were smitten by this kitten.

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Juliana Simms - Give Thanks For Juliana
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Monday, November 23, 2015

» Jasmine Jones - Cum Loving Wife

By Angelina Castro at 1:57 PM

Playing with dripping cum is Jasmine Jones' fetish. She says her big tits are 40DD, but they look much bigger. We found Jasmine on her website and invited her to taste the cum of the SCORE Group boys. As Jasmine has matured, she's gotten more into sex and cum games at home. She's a real gem. "I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth onto my tits," Jasmine said. "I like to swallow sometimes, but I really prefer to see it splattered on my body.
Cum Loving Wife

"My favorite positions are doggie and being on top. I like to be fingered, licked all over and have my nipples sucked. I've been in three-ways. I had my first time with another woman about three years ago. I enjoyed it. If I am attracted to a woman, I really enjoy playing with her. My sexual fantasies are watching my husband being pleasured by another woman and having sex with him in public."

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

» Sandra Star the huge tits blonde sex sandwich

By Angelina Castro at 4:43 AM

The great Sandra Star is the eager hottie in the middle of this sex sandwich as SCORELAND's threesome special continues. This is a championship sex event. The opening of this scene follows the tradition of CMNF, or "clothed males naked females." As their triangle of fuck moves from couch to floor to couch, everyone winds up naked.

A Sandra Star Sandwich

We talked to Sandra after this wild scene.

SCORE: Do you watch your own videos?
Sandra: No, but I like when people tell me they enjoyed watching them.

SCORE: How should a man behave to earn your admiration?
Sandra: He should be honest and polite.

SCORE: Have you ever danced nude or topless? Is this of any interest to you?
Sandra: No, I never have. I don't have the interest to do that.

SCORE: You are very slim and fit. Do you workout at a fitness center?
Sandra: Yes. I try to work out on a regular basis. Sometimes guys talk to me and the others are definitely looking at me. I see them looking.

SCORE: What kind of exercises do you like to do?
Sandra: I use the cross-trainer or lift weights.

SCORE: What makes you laugh?
Sandra: I laugh a lot. It's often because I enjoy my time.

SCORE: Do car shoulder belts fit you comfortably?
Sandra: Yes, no problems with that.

SCORE: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?
Sandra: One or two times it nearly happened.

SCORE: Do you visit nude beaches or resorts?
Sandra: No, I visit beaches and resorts but not of that kind.

SCORE: Thank you, Sandra.
Sandra: My pleasure.

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Sandra Star - A Sandra Star Sandwich
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Friday, November 20, 2015

» Cat Bangles loves getting stuffed in the booty

By Angelina Castro at 5:05 AM

Cat Bangles checks herself out in her mirror, and the view, as usual, is nothing less than spectacular. This luscious and juicy Bostonian of Puerto Rican heritage is a frequent guest at TSG. We always advise the boys to stock up on the zinc and lecithin powder before they shoot a scene with this heavy-hanging, bra-bustin' delight. Cat is going to get fucked (and stuffed in the booty, too) by Tony Rubino. They actually knew each through the Internet before he got to meet and greet her in person here.

"I was living in Providence at the time," Cat said. "One evening, a friend and I were getting a little frisky online, and Tony told us there was a new app named Vine. You can make movies that play for about 30 seconds to one minute. So he told us to put a video up, and we did and we kept doing it over and over. We were fucking and sucking all over the place. We did it all. Everyone loved it and commented, including Tony. One of his comments was that any hot girls should get in contact with him if they were interested in modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. He said he would get in contact with you all for me again, and now, here I am shaking my tits for all of you. All thanks to Tony and Vine."

Tony gets to bury his cock in Cat thanks to his caring friends. She's a whole lotta woman and proud of it. Thank you, Cat!

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Cat Bangles - "Anal Me Tonight"
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» Dolly Fox the huge tits blonde bombshell

By Angelina Castro at 4:39 AM

"I don't wear bras most of the time. Only with elegant clothes and sometimes for shoots," says the January 2016 SCORE covergirl. It was Dolly's dream to be on the cover of SCORE. Only when the mag was being printed did Dolly get the news. So she can now cross that off her to-do list and look forward to succeeding in more of her goals.
Super Fox

J.H. writes Scorecard, "I have been a SCORE fan for many years since the L.A. Bust days. Dolly Fox reminds me of past SCORE Girls like Morgan Leigh, Danielle Derek, Puma, Alexia Moore and, more recently, Sandra Star, Katie Thornton, Tigerr Benson, Sheridan Love, Mia Khalifa, Brook Ultra, Alyssa Lynn and Desiree Vega. Very trim but curvy and sexy with flat waists, well-formed legs and big balloons. Not an ounce of fat on them. Exactly the kind of bodies that I jack to."

This "Super Fox" pictorial is the photo set that was published in that issue. Wrote editor Dave: "Dolly, who lives in Belgium, might not be at her bustiest. She plans to go bigger at the end of the year. 'More is better. I never try to hide my boobs,' she said. 'I like to show what I have, and there is no better place to show what I have than in SCORE magazine. Whenever I go out, I always show my cleavage in tight tops and wear short dresses and high heels.'"

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Dolly Fox - Super Fox
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

» Amiee Roberts - Oil Me Up &Down

By Angelina Castro at 2:46 AM

Oil Me Up &Down

Oil Me Up &Down

Stuff you should know about Amiee Roberts, who's doing it the 305 Miami way in a pink bikini by the water.

Occupation: Bookkeeper
Recreation: Walking
Hobbies: Taking walks, good conversation and shopping
Favorite travel spot: Hawaii
Favorite television show: The Voice
Favorite movie: Twilight
Favorite music group: Tim McGraw

Favorite perfume: Dior
Favorite drink: Malibu rum and cranberry
Favorite foods: Pizza and Chinese food
Favorite brands of bras: Goddess
Favorite style of bras: Wire.

Where do you buy your bras?

Amiee: Usually online. My boobs are 40H

Have you ever weighed your boobs?

Amiee: No, but they are heavy.

How wide are your areolae?

Amiee: A couple of inches.

Do you treat your breasts in any special way, like rubbing cream on them?

Amiee: No, not really.

What position do you sleep in?

Amiee: On my side or stomach.

Do you have any funny habits?

Amiee: Not really!

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Amiee Roberts - Oil Me Up &Down
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» Jessie Simmons - Young &Tight

By Angelina Castro at 2:43 AM

Young &Tight

Newcomer Jessie Simmons (Feb. 2016 SCORE) surprises Steve by showing him two pairs of new high-heeled shoes she's bought. Girls love to shop and show off what they've acquired during their treasure hunts. Steve is not too thrilled since her purchases are on his card.

New outfits and new shoes make a girl happy and horny. Or so it is written. Jessie is happy and very, very horny. Now Steve is horny and wants this foxy, young piece of ass under him. Jessie wants his cock hard and deep. It's great how new shoes can create this wonderful bond.

Jessie's sweet body and innocent girl-next-door personality make Steve crazy. He gets her on her hands and knees, pulls her panties off, spreads her little ass cheeks apart and buries his tongue in her fresh pussy and even licks her asshole. He licks her slit again when she's on her back and buries his dick in her in a zillion positions. He can't get enough of her. Jessie has that effect on guys. She seems inexperienced, but when you see her fuck, that impression evaporates. This girl can really fuck. After exhausted Steve cums, a coy and smiling Jessie slips out again with his card, off to buy more girly things.

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Jessie Simmons - Young &Tight
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

» Roxee Robinson - Roxee's Robust Rack

By Angelina Castro at 2:46 AM

Roxee's Robust Rack

Roxee's Robust Rack

We owe Canada for Roxee Robinson. Her robust rack is ripe and rockin'.

XLGirls: What is your favorite thing about modeling?

Roxee: I love to travel, and that is a big bonus with modeling. I also love expressing myself with my photos. I have fun.

XLGirls: If you're going out shopping or to run errands, do you dress in tight, sexy clothes?

Roxee: I do sometimes. I like dressing up sexy and seeing people's reactions. It can be entertaining.

XLGirls: Have you ever danced or worked in a strip club?

Roxee: I did dance in strip clubs starting when I was 18, and I stopped when I was 24.

XLGirls: Do you visit nude beaches or nude resorts?

Roxee: I have never visited a nude beach or resort, although I would if I had the opportunity.

XLGirls: What do you like to do for fun?

Roxee: I love being outdoors, so if the weather is great, I like going for walks or lounging by the pool. When the weather is a little cooler, I love being in the kitchen cooking up something tasty or sweet. I love going on webcam and giving guys big boners. That can be a lot of fun!

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Roxee Robinson - Roxee's Robust Rack
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» Liza Biggs - Roped-in Beauty

By Angelina Castro at 2:42 AM

Roped-in Beauty

Liza Biggs can't come to the phone right now. She's all tied up. But no worries. Liza's learned the ropes and easily escapes. She's got more moves than Houdini.

Liza ropes herself after she busts out of her bonds and plays boob games with that cord, making herself the hottest table centerpiece any man can dream of. Then she finally tries out the glass table that girls from Hitomi to Annie Swanson have squished their big tits against.

Liza's a sous chef. Before that, she was a flight attendant based out of Hawaii. She's traveled extensively.

"I also traveled a lot when I was in school. I've been to Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and France. I've been all over the United States. I've never been with any of the pilots, but yeah, they're all pervs. They're nice pervs, but they're pervs!"

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Liza Biggs - Roped-in Beauty
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

» Keama Kim - Chocolate Bon Bons

By Angelina Castro at 2:48 AM

Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Bon Bons

An administrative supervisor, originally from Brooklyn, New York, Keama Kim doesn't date. "I've never been on one," she said. Instead, Keama goes for fuck dates. No fuss, no drama. She likes to be touched and likes "touchy, feely" guys.

Keama gets more than touched in this scene.

"A good hard fucking satisfies me best," she said. That's what she got, no strings attached. A guy once said to Keama, "You have the Hummer of all tits." She liked that.

"I always like for the man to make the first move. I've done everything you can think of in sex, but I'm passive. So the man should take charge of me and play with my tits for a long time, suck them, fuck them."

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Keama Kim - Chocolate Bon Bons
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» Eva Karera - "I Like Cum In My Mouth"

By Angelina Castro at 2:42 AM

Eva Karera is Belgian. Belgium has a nearly non-existent porn scene, so Eva began shooting in France.

"I did not know anything about porn" she said. "I had seen maybe one or two DVDs, but on the Internet, it's easy to do research, so I contacted a company in France to do the casting thing. I thought I would have to pay to do a scene, and the next week, I was booked to shoot a scene in Paris that I got paid for, and I was like, 'Okay!That's good!' The funny thing was, when I showed up on-set, they asked me if I was doing anal in my personal life, and I said, 'Yes.' So I did anal in my first scene."

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Eva Karera - "I Like Cum In My Mouth"
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Monday, November 16, 2015

» Lexi Windsor - Exotic dancer

By Angelina Castro at 2:47 AM

Exotic dancer

Exotic dancer

38F-cupper Lexi Windsor was an exotic dancer with milky nipples. She said her wildest experience was wearing a schoolgirl outfit to have sex on a Blackhawk helicopter.

"I have a lingerie fetish," Lexi said. "I used to buy lingerie constantly, even before I became a dancer.

"I really like receiving oral sex if the guy is very good at it. It's the best feeling in the world. I like masturbating, too. The nice thing about it is that it's quick and easy and there's less to clean up."

Lexi was in and out of our studio quickly, never to be seen again, but she left us with photos and a video to jack to. A very generous contribution to the cause.

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Lexi Windsor - Exotic dancer
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

» Barbara Angel - Honeymoon of Hooters

By Angelina Castro at 5:21 PM

Honeymoon of Hooters

A "Honeymoon of Hooters," indeed, as Barbara Angel dons the veil of bridal night bliss and fucks her groom into next week. When it comes to sex, on-camera or off, Barbara is all in and gives the dudes 200%. She gives Thomas a hard time as they celebrate their wedding night. Is this guy ready for marriage to this brickhouse? The look of sheer glee in all of Barbara's scenes, whether solos or boy-girls, is intense. She really has fun, a lot more fun than in her 9-to-5 job.

There's also something the boob man will notice about Barbara in her videos. She plays with her tits a lot. She plays with them when she's on her back and a guy is boning her. She bounces them like crazy, especially when she's sitting up on his pole. She sucks and licks them a lot and digs her fingers into her supple breast flesh. She's a true-blue boob girl.

Barbara said her sex drive hasn't increased since she started having sex on-camera. She says she is as sexual at home as she is shooting one of her SCORELAND scenes.

We've never met Barbara in the flesh at SCORE since we film her in Europe. Maybe one day, she'll holiday in Florida and visit.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

» Claudia Marie - Mega-boober's Threesome

By Angelina Castro at 5:19 PM

Mega-boober's Threesome

Peter and Tony are making a big mistake to goof on the massive bra belonging to that strapping Southern mega-boobed MILF Claudia Marie. A very big mistake. Because she's going to punish them both in a dirty threesome for making fun of her undies. Some punishment!

Tony says it could be a parachute. But he can't parachute out of the room when the great Claudia tracks her missing 50J bra to Peter's room. After ripping these guys up-don't mess with a Southern gal-Claudia shows them that her bra is no joke and takes her big tits out of her dress to put it on for them. When they see her naked bazooms as she puts on the bra, they go from wiseguys to tent pitchers in an instant. Claudia is due for a threesome at SCORELAND, so she takes their hands and places them on her cups. This is her way of saying, "Come and get it."

It takes the boys no time to completely undress Claudia and ravish her pink, shaved slit and wet throat, each guy taking an end for himself then switching. And, of course, they fuck her tits. Claudia gets a good working over. She can handle any cock.

"There isn't a dick in this world that's going to scare me," Claudia said.

Her mouth is stuffed with balls and they squeeze and slap her tits. A fun way to spend the day. Are you having deep thoughts about Claudia? Us, too!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

» Larissa Linn - House of Correction For Busty Girls

By Angelina Castro at 5:17 PM

House of Correction For Busty Girls

Larissa Linn doesn't need any correction in this dank yet colorful dungeon. She does everything right. After all, Larissa worked in the mining industry as an accountant and auditor. We think she is happier as a model. With her beautiful face and hourglass figure, Larissa is a sensation on-camera and has the purring, soft-spoken personality that makes it all complete.

Dressed for mysterious behavior with a dangerous-looking spiked glove and tight corset that can't contain her big tits, Larissa spends some quality time on the ropes, making herself cum and her nipples hard with oil and pleasuring hands.

Says F-cup hottie Larissa, who is in the running for 2015 Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, "I still have trouble finding bras that fit me. It was difficult to find good-fitting bras when I was growing up. My breasts grew so fast that I outgrew my bras. I don't think my breasts have stopped growing."

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» Jordynn LuXXX - Who's The Boss?

By Angelina Castro at 2:44 AM

Who's The Boss?

Who's The Boss?

Male power over women is the name of the game in "Who's The Boss?" starring horny, young sexbomb Jordynn LuXXX. Tarzan needs a plaything. Jordynn fits the bill, and she fits the skintight pants and bustier he wants her to wear.

Spanking her big ass and making her spank her own ass, Tarzan demands she call him "Sir" at all times except when Jordynn's throat is filled with his beef-banana in any position he desires her to be in. She's going to be ravished during this boudoir banging, her big tits fucked, her shaved pussy stuffed. Jordynn slurps his meat and makes loud, wet, sucking sounds, music to the ears.

Jordynn's a willing slave to her master, but there are no whips or shackles, no artificial play acting. Hard and rough sex are what's being prepared as the dish of the day, and Jordynn is on the menu.

Jordynn will be watching this scene.

"I love seeing me take that dick," she said. She's watched her solo videos with her husband ("I am completely submissive to my daddy."), and she's watched her XXX videos alone. Maybe that will change.

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Jordynn LuXXX - Who's The Boss?
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

» Marie Leone - Maid For Sex

By Angelina Castro at 5:16 PM

Maid For Sex

Set to turn 22 on December 14th, Marie Leone takes a spin as a domestic, cleaning Peter's place while his wife is out. And Marie is just maid for sex, you know, so this feather dusting business is about to end because she wants to clean his cock, not his clock.

Marie seems to be new at maid service since she keeps knocking over decorations with her big tits as well as her duster. But that's fine. The show is better than any degree of cleanliness. Marie is not really cut out to be a maid. Her skills lie in getting naked and spreading on-camera and in hardcore shoots. At home, Marie is pretty domesticated. She likes cleaning, especially her husband's dick. "My hobbies are cooking and cleaning. I just find it very peaceful," says Marie. Hey, we could watch Marie clean and cook all day.

Peter seems a little reluctant to hit on the maid but no one would accuse him of taking advantage if he did try his luck. Marie wants cock in her mouth and pussy so knocking things over and taking her amazing tits out of her maid's uniform is probably a ruse to get some hot sex. It's guaranteed. Who could resist her? This chick'll kill ya!

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» Sashaa Juggs - Sashaa's Breast Painting

By Angelina Castro at 2:44 AM

Sashaa's Breast Painting

Sashaa's Breast Painting

The art world may be rocked by what's happened at the XL Girls studio. Today, art history is made by Sashaa Juggs and her breast paintings. We have carefully documented in photographs and video exactly how Sashaa creates her masterworks.

First, the application of various pigments to her enormous jugs and thick ass until she resembles a living work of art. Then before the paint dries, Sashaa embosses her canvas by pressing her big boobs against it, creating the initial phase of her masterpiece.

These acts of artistic creativity can be very taxing so Sashaa must relieve the tension by rubbing one out. She now has a happy face from sitting in her happy place.

There have been several documented breast painters, such as the Russian artist who painted a portrait of Vladimir Putin with her tits, but none of these dedicated breast artists have jugs as big and as heavy as Sashaa's Juggs. The fruits of Sashaa's work have been stored in the vault at XL Girls to protect them from damage.

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Sashaa Juggs - Sashaa's Breast Painting
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

» Cece Capella | Amazing Natural Tits

By Angelina Castro at 5:30 PM

Cece Capella the teen big natural sensation invited us into her bathroom to see how she takes her topless selfies. We had loads of fun with her fun bags and eagerly anticipated dropping a load on them. After bouncing, squeezing and smacking her natural melons, Cece took her sexy ass to the living room where Jmac, and his magical leprechaun, magically appeared ready to fuck her pot of gold. Cece masterfully slobbed on Jmac's little buddy before making a tit sandwich with it. Jmac ferociously pounded Cece's tight teen pussy and then glazed her boobs with multiple shots of jizz from his super soaker. Cece has some seriously hot natural tits and they are all natural.
Cece Capella
Click here for more video's featuring Cece Capella and friends
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» Alexya - Beauty &The Breasts

By Angelina Castro at 5:13 PM

Beauty &The Breasts

"I like to have sex every day," Alexya said before she modeled for this pictorial and video, "Beauty &The Breasts." "I like a man with a big cock who can make love for a long time. I'm very dynamic and I like to be energetic in bed. This is what I like and most men like this too. They do not want a girl who does not move and speak. My favorite position is on a chair, not a bed."

"My sexual fantasy is to go to the supermarket naked and to act like everything is normal. So I walk with my shopping cart in the aisles and pick out the food I want while everyone looks at me. In this fantasy, no one bothers me, they just look."

"My favorite kind of date is going to a spa. We get massages, go to sauna or steam and swim. Then we have a nice late lunch or dinner and go back to my apartment and make love for hours."

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

» Sheridan Love - this big tits beauty just loves to strip and masturbate while peeping tom is watching

By Angelina Castro at 5:28 AM

Spy On The Hot Chick

We don't condone playing Peeping Tom but when it comes to SCORE and Voluptuous Girls, that rule often gets forgotten. We spy on hot chick Sheridan Love as she prepares for her hot date. What a body this girl has. Sheridan postpones her girly preparations for a while as she hops on the bed and fingers off to an orgasm. Mission accomplished, Sheridan resumes her dressing and heads out.

Sheridan explained how she prepares for her guy. "I always dress up kinda slutty out of the bedroom and like a complete slut in the bedroom, with hair, makeup and stilettos. I also give random blow jobs and hand jobs so he never has to make himself cum. In return, he behaves like an old-school gentleman. He never has to ask what I want because he already knows."

See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!

Sheridan Love - Spy On The Hot Chick
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» Risque Waters - Risque Business

By Angelina Castro at 2:45 AM

Risque Business

Risque Business

Risque Waters is a kinkster. "One of my kinkiest moments was with a guy I tied up for the first time and he introduced me to nipple clamps and hot wax. I introduced him to my whip," said Risque.

"My sexual fantasy is to have a threesome with another guy and girl and together we tie him up and do what we please to him. We suck his cock, one on his cock and the other on his balls, then we switch. We stop before he explodes. Then we untie him and, taking turns, get fucked in as many positions as we can get into before he cums. Sometimes he cums on our tits, other times he cums in our mouths and we swallow it."

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Risque Waters - Risque Business
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Monday, November 09, 2015

» Annellise Croft - the sexy blonde milf with big round tits has a super set of hard nipples

By Angelina Castro at 5:25 AM


Annellise Croft has rare nipples. Rare nipples are nipples that are unusually long, prominent and pointy, nipples a tit-man can't take his eyes off of. It's very difficult to find girls with nipples like this. Minka has rare nipples. Voluptuous Girls Lanea Love, Bebe Cooper and Slone Ryder have them.

Rocky gets to suck Annellise's rare nipples and she loves it, pinching one as he sucks the other. He could spend a lot of time on them but Annellise is eager to suck and fuck the shaft she has inspired to turn rigid. The young stud spanks her ass hard then shoves his cock deep into her pussy. Annellise never got action like this before she contacted TSG.

Annellise had watched porn in the past but never thought about getting into sex on-camera until she communicated with a friend of Bea Cummins, one of TSG's most popular MILFs. Annellise had never even modeled with her clothes on.

"I've watched porn, but not regularly. I like watching them. It turns me on. If I feel sexual and want to cum and play with myself, I'll watch porn doing it, and it doesn't take long. I'm a fast cummer."

Check out Annellise in SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 2.

See More of Annellise Croft at SCORELAND.COM!

Annellise Croft - MILF of the MONTH
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Sunday, November 08, 2015

» Katie Thornton - beautiful big boobs blonde strips nude while she is working in the yard

By Angelina Castro at 5:24 AM

Tits Out For Lawn Care

Katie Thornton is entered in the SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest 2015. We've seen some tough ballots before but the titillating candidates for this year are going to make the voting very difficult. We don't envy the voters.

Katie will now show us proper lawn care. You'll be more interested in the lawn care after-party as Katie cools off by getting out of her little dress and wetting her big beautiful boobs with a watering can. If Katie ever starts a landscaping service, she'll get a lot of business.

SCORE: How often do you have sex?

Katie: At least once a day, but if I'm in a relationship, three, four, five times.

SCORE: Wow! What are your sexual fantasies?

Katie: Mostly girl-girl fantasies. Girls built like me.

SCORE: Girls like you are difficult to find!

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Katie Thornton - Tits Out For Lawn Care
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Saturday, November 07, 2015

» Anastasia Lux - Three On A Massage Table

By Angelina Castro at 5:00 PM

Anastasia Lux is enjoying a massage at a spa she frequents. Her masseur Dennis is happy to lend a helping hand. Anastasia's come in for a back rub and while he's working on her shoulders, she asks him to massage her very big boobs. Without warning, Tom bursts into the room, outraged that this filthy swine is rubbing Anastasia's magnificent breasts. Anastasia cools his jets and seductively asks him to join in the boob play. Instead of taking her by the hand and pulling her out of the spa, Tom thinks that her invitation is not such a bad suggestion.
Three On A Massage Table

Each man takes a side of the sultry brunette and savors a breast. Anastasia is frisky and horny. She would have fucked Dennis in a few minutes the way things were going but now she has two studs to service her. She takes each man by the cock and jacks them, then kneels to suck, taking turns filling her mouth.

Climbing onto the massage table again, Anastasia wants them to heat up her threeway party. They each take one end, fucking her mouth and pussy, then switch their double dicking. This kind of massage is not posted on the spa's official list of services but Anastasia appreciates having it her way!

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Anastasia Lux - Three On A Massage Table
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Friday, November 06, 2015

» Nikky Wilder - Get Wilder!

By Angelina Castro at 1:52 AM

Get Wilder!

Get Wilder!

Nikky Wilder always comes first at XL Girls and she always cums first before her X-men load her mouth, tits, pussy or other erogenous zone. Rubino has done the dirty with Nikky three times before (once in a wild threesome with Tony DeSergio) so he knows well what kind of thumping and pumping this plump California blonde enjoys.
They head into the bedroom and get busy sucking and fucking. Nikky's body and cute face intoxicate him. He pounds into her in different positions and she matches him thrust for thrust, squeezing his boner buried inside her pussy-hole. Who could resist loading her mouth with cum?

We always try to ask if a girl checks out her previous scenes and photos. Nikky says she looks at the photos but not the video so she doesn't critique herself. "I don't really watch myself fuck even though I love to fuck and I think that shows. But I love to watch other people fuck."

Keep fucking, DirtyNikky, and we'll keep watching you fuck.

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Nikky Wilder - Get Wilder!
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» Shelby Gibson - XXX Big Tits Wife

By Angelina Castro at 1:37 AM

"I love coming to SCORE and showing off for you," Shelby Gibson commented when her previous scene was posted ("The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader.") "I can't believe that I am nominated for the 2015 Newcomer of the Year award. What if I could win? This solo set was fun but wait till you see my next set!" That next set is Shelby's first time with a stunt-cock and for her, because she loves big ones, JMac gets the honors. The SCORELAND Blog of September 14, 2015 tipping us off to what was coming Shelby's way drew a whopping 58 comments. Sitting ringside watching Mrs. Gibson wrap her big tits around the cock, Mr. Gibson himself later commented on that Blog, "Watching my wild wife in hot, torrid action was unreal! And I can confirm that she really did cum several times. And that Shelby and JMac kept up the action even when the cameras weren't rolling!"
Shelby's First Tits, Tugs &BJ!

The last time a Tits &Tugs generated this much excitement was when Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps' did their first and only Tits &Tugs videos. Shelby's the closing guest on SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 2 and talks about her first Tits &Tugs. If you haven't seen it, we recommend you click into it. This SCORE reader's wife lives a hot life.

SCORE: Mr. Gibson has taken both solo and hardcore photos and videos of you at home. What are the differences compared to the SCORE shoot with JMac?

Shelby: We have done a lot of pics and video ourselves but the SCORE shoot was something else. It was SOO MUCH HOTTER! Being with all professionals and knowing that I had a much bigger audience was such a TURN ON!! I love showing off and being the center of attention so the SCORE shoot was a long-time fantasy come true. Ever since I started looking at porn, I thought about being with a real porn stud and JMac was so nice and SO HOT! I actually started playing with him a bit off camera before the scene even started. The scene was better than I ever dreamed of!!

SCORE: What about girl-girl? Are there any American models you'd like to do a girl-girl with or even a girl-girl-boy threesome at SCORE?

Shelby: I have never had sex with a woman but it's something I would like to try. I would be much more interested in a girl-girl-boy threesome than a girl-girl though. I've never eaten pussy but licking another SCORE Girl with big boobs while getting pounded by a SCORE stud at the same time would be AMAZING!!

SCORE: You've mentioned that big cocks and more than one cock get you extra-horny? Are you interested in a girl-boy-boy? Have you done that at home?

Shelby: HELL YEAH!! I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in a BBG at SCORE!! Big cocks and more than one cock at a time definitely gets me EXTRA horny. My husband has a big cock which I love and we have done some BBG's at home taking lots of pics which were a blast. But the other "talent" hasn't quite measured up so I've never really had two BIG cocks at once. I'm sure that SCORE could arrange that though! I've never had sex with more than two men and would really want to try that. My husband doesn't think that SCORE has ever done a BBBG so maybe I could be the first??!!

SCORE: Is there anything motivating or energizing that came from the shoot? How did you feel immediately afterwards?

Shelby: Oh, yes! I felt AMAZING afterwards. It was incredible being the center of all that attention. It was so wonderful for my self-confidence. Having that much fun showing off in front of my husband and the camera and the fans and making a hot young porn stud cum on me was SO EMPOWERING!! I am so glad I did it and if things are set-up right, I want to do more.

SCORE: Are there any favorite scenes on SCORELAND you would like to try yourself?

Shelby: I especially like the location shoots outside and at the beautiful homes. My husband showed me a set from years ago of Busty Dusty with SCUBA gear. I'm a certified diver and have all my own equipment and would love to do a SCUBA themed shoot on a beach or a dive boat. There's all sorts of fun I could have with the regulator and other dive gear in my mouth and between my tits, etc. I also know that JMac in real life likes free-diving so a dive themed BG set with him would be FUN!! We could do solos and BG on the same shoot.

SCORE: Do you like to role play in costumes? Do you get into character?

Shelby: I don't really like costumes. I like being naked or dressed provocatively showing off my assets. As my husband says, the best costume is one that I've taken off. The character I like to get into is me letting go and being myself and wild and free.

SCORE: You've read all of the previous compliments from earlier shoots. Any words for the SCORE guys about this scene?

Shelby: I do read all the comments and really appreciate them. It's an extra turn-on knowing that the guys are watching me and like what they see. I'd like to tell the guys how much FUN I had with this scene with JMac. I hadn't planned ahead of time on going as far as I did but once we got going I just let myself go and wanted to go even further. JMac and I were both so turned on that we kept going at it even when the cameras weren't rolling!! I can't wait to come back and fuck him!!

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Shelby Gibson - Shelby's First Tits, Tugs &BJ!
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Thursday, November 05, 2015

» Allie Pearson - Meet New XL Girl Allie!

By Angelina Castro at 1:52 AM

Meet New XL Girl Allie!

Meet New XL Girl Allie!

First announced on the SCORELAND Blog, Allie Pearson makes her XL Girls debut, the first time Allie has ever appeared anywhere. She's never modeled before and she's only here because a SCORE Group fan met her and recommended she try out modeling. It was a suggestion she went with. Allie's a natural at it.

Some of the greatest TSG models were referred by friends, boyfriends, husbands or acquaintances. They were not looking to model and never considered it. Allie had never heard of XL Girls magazine or this website.

"I've always wanted to try modeling," said Allie. "I just always felt too fat." As people who reject the mainstream opinion of what kind of body and breast size a model should have, we applaud her decision. "It [modeling] never came up. It wasn't an option for me. I'm very happy to be here."

Allie was not the bustiest girl in school. "I didn't have huge boobs until I was 21."

"I wear tight, low-cut dresses.I don't get that much attention only because I don't show a lot regularly. But when I do, I love the attention."

Welcome, Allie Pearson.

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Allie Pearson - Meet New XL Girl Allie!
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» Tiggle Bitties - Meet Tiggle

By Angelina Castro at 1:18 AM

Tiggle Bitties is definitely one of Seattle's finest. Finally making her SCORELAND debut, Tiggle plays with an assortment of bras before she gets down to playing with her amazing 32MM tits and wet pussy. A breast-oriented, sexy web-cam babe, Tiggle is a natural in front of the camera. In photos 56-61, Tiggle recreates the classic dangling boob pose filmed from behind through her legs. We'll bet that Tiggle will no doubt zoom to the top of SCORELAND's Model Directory.
Meet Tiggle

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Tiggles' hobbies naturally include hiking, swimming, kayaking and other outdoor activities. She's not a sports fan and she likes to workout with her balance board. She wants to travel and seeing Europe is something she has on her must-do list.

What should be on your must-do list is to watch Tiggle's interview with Dave, "All About Tiggle."

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Tiggle Bitties - Meet Tiggle
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